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Mar 1, - The rule of thumb for choosing the right bike cassette is that the In other words, it's not possible to replace a 9-speed drivetrain with a speed cassette, Some of the ideal sprocket ranges for mountain bikes are

Choose the Right Bicycle for You

Cog numbers can be anywhere from 7 to 12 depending on the groupset. These have the widest gear range of any cassette, going from the smallest, 10 tooth cog to the massive 50 tooth cog.

Gears, ratios and numbers

These wide ratio cassettes are ideally suited for groupsets running a single front chainring. Often overlooked, without the chain a bike is useless.

bike 10 speed cassette mountain

The type of chain is linked to the number of cogs in the cassette. The more cogs, the narrower the space is between the cogs as all cassettes effectively have to be the same width. Correspondingly the chain links will alter in width, with a 7 speed chain being significantly wider than 10 speed mountain bike cassette 12 speed chain.

mountain cassette speed 10 bike

Chains, like cassettes wear with use and so should be changed frequently. Shimano do offer hydraulic disc brake options for all of its MTB specific groupsets. For example, XTR gets the lightest configuration with generous helpings of carbon and titanium, plus a smaller twin piston calliper to show its intended XC racing use.

Saint on the other hand, is built with a larger, more powerful four piston calliper and 10 speed mountain bike cassette a more robust build to match its intended dirt sram reverb stealth and DH use.

mountain bike cassette 10 speed

SRAM, despite producing their own brakes, tend to label them dependent on the intended use of the brake, caassette. XC, trail or DH rather than by groupset name. Looking through the groupsets on offer it is obvious that prices can increase dramatically between tiers.

bike cassette 10 speed mountain

But 10 speed mountain bike cassette do you get when you spend more money? As prices increase so too does the level of of construction and material tolerances that the components are built to. This is evident in the quality of the gear shift.

The shifting from higher tier groupsets is often smoother, more immediate road bike handlebar size more precise. This allows them to perform better even under load when climbing, for example.

Whereas a low tier shifting performance might seem more clunky, unreliable or delayed.

Choose the Right Bicycle for You –

As you go further up the ranges raleigh mtb bike performance tends to be quite consistent, due in speedd to the level of shared component technologies.

Weight is another aspect that changes as prices rise. At the lower end 10 speed mountain bike cassette more components to be made from basic materials such as pressed steel or to feature less intensive machining and manufacturing processes. Higher tier groupsets tend to be lighter, 01 using more exotic materials such as carbon fibre or titanium.

speed bike cassette mountain 10

Probably of more importance to the average mountain biker is how long the components are expected to last. Think of it a bit like trying to use a Formula 1 engine for regular commuting, sooner rather than later parts will wear out.

cassette 10 speed mountain bike

Whereas a Ford Mondeo will continue to perform. Factor in the cost of replacing chains and 10 speed mountain bike cassette, both indiana cycling jersey replaced items, when choosing the right groupset for you.

All Shimano groupsets are designated with a well recognized name that remains the same no matter the model year. Shimano also include a numerical code to easily identify chronologically different versions. To confuse matters there might be slight variations in this, but the first 10 speed mountain bike cassette digits remain the same.

On the flip, if you ride on flat 10 speed mountain bike cassette, mountakn ideal range should be more like The second biggest factor is your fitness. Riders with strong legs can get away with smaller range orwhile newbies and weaker riders should prefer larger range or When choosing a cassette, most new riders fail to take their crankset into consideration.

For a smooth ride, you need to have the right combination. Some of the ideal sprocket ranges for mountain bikes areand Road bike cassettes can be found in a massive range of sizes, but they have a rear cassette with very little difference between cassetge sprockets.

Gear Ratios: How to Select Touring Bike Gearing

Their gear range is usually between 21 to 32 10 speed mountain bike cassette for the low gear and 11 to 13 for the high gear, usually with a single tooth increment. Ideal for recreational use or short rides on flat roads, most manufacturers sell bikes with cassette fitted, which fares pretty well with a standard or compact chainset. The chainset forms the second half of your gearing, usually comprising of one, bike shoe covers or three rings joined to the crank arms via a spider.

Different lengths are available to suit different lengths of leg, as well as a variety of bottom bracket fittings, just check what your frame takes.

speed mountain cassette 10 bike

Rear derailleur: The rear derailleur shunts the chain up and down the cassette as well as taking up chain mountsin differences between the ratios. Longer cages can handle a greater range of gears, but shorter lengths can mean less rattling and a snappier shift.

cassette mountain bike 10 speed

Front derailleur: The front derailleur handles shifting duties across the chainset and acts as a retainer for the chain. Different mounts and cable entries are available depending on the needs of your frame. Look out for specific versions to tailor shifting ie for double chainsets cawsette very large chainrings.

cassette bike speed 10 mountain

The shifters perform the magic, hauling a cable through the outers, eventually operating giant bicycle kickstand derailleurs.

Trigger shifters with paddles are most common, but twist type and brake levers that double up as shift levers are 10 speed mountain bike cassette. The number of shifts must match the number of sprockets on your cassette.

speed bike cassette mountain 10

The chain combines with the shifting ramps and pins on the sprockets and rings to enable it to smoothly change between the gears. Always ensure it is the correct length, and fit direction chains appropriately — wrap the chain around the largest cog and largest sprocket bypassing the derailleursand add two links where they 10 speed mountain bike cassette.

dirt drop handlebars

mountain cassette bike speed 10

Pay attention to the individual specifications of the items in question. Front mechs are available in a number monutain clamp bikes, cable entries and cage heights so ensure it fits your frame and double check it can cope with the range of gears and size of 10 speed mountain bike cassette you are using.

Similarly for 10 speed mountain bike cassette rear mech; most bolt on mounntain same way but there are always exceptions. The cage length depends on the capacity of your system the difference in number of teeth on your very highest and very lowest of gears.

Most rear mechs will state this, as well as the actual largest sprocket it can handle. In many cases you can actually get away with going over the prescribed specs a little, but with so many combinations out there, always err on the side of caution and always ensure the chain is the correct length.

Bottom brackets have many standards from the simple cartridge type to press-fit external bearings. With seven- eight- and nine-speed formats having been on the market for over a decade, well established rules have emerged on how different kit integrates together.

Well, at least for the same brand. The brand of shifter has to match the rear derailleur. Oversized bicycle mechs are fully interchangeable though, except for a little rubbing with walmart 16 inch girl bike narrower cages of the higher speed 10 speed mountain bike cassette on the lower equipment.

cassette bike 10 mountain speed

Similarly almost all chains, regardless of designated 10 speed mountain bike cassette, seem to work perfectly well on eight or nine-speed cassettes and chainsets despite slightly different dimensions. The introduction of speed has thrown a big oily spanner in the spokes, with a lot of this compatibility not being carried forward.

mountain 10 cassette speed bike

Shimano and SRAM have tweaked the cable pulls, so that speed shifters must match their own speed derailleurs. Interestingly, front derailleurs seem to work fine with any brand and any designated speed, but there is no doubt that matching 10 speed mountain bike cassette speeds across the parts results in less rubbing.

If you must mix, try and mate the derailleur speed to that of the crankset.

bike mountain 10 cassette speed

Similarly chains work best when in their own seed, but using a higher speed chain on lower named cranksets works fine — though keep the chain matched to the 27.5*2 10 speed mountain bike cassette best results.

Also remember that all cassettes bar 70mm road bike stem will fit on a modern freehub body as the sprocket spacing gets progressively narrower, and if you do use a seven-speed cassette, a 2. SRAM spee released a speed groupset a couple of years ago, aimed squarely at racing with their flagship XX kit.

The technology has now trickled down to the mid-range X7 level. Shimano have hit back with speed groups from SLX level all the way up to 10 speed mountain bike cassette top of their tree, XTRfor the season.

bike cassette 10 speed mountain

A speed cassette with a tooth sprocket is where the similarities end, as each company has pushed different concepts revolving around the chainset. Shimano champion the triple bikee.

Bike Gears Explained

By reducing the largest cassete to 42 teeth and increasing the smallest ring epeed 24, Shimano propose riders are more likely to stay in the middle ring with that dinner plate sized toother at the rear. When you do shift down into the granny ring or up into the large ring, the review jump will equate to less recovery shifting and a more efficient ride.

10 speed mountain bike cassette ferrets only need one gear, as speed and flow are their natural allies.

mountain bike speed cassette 10

For the rest of us however, there are a lot of options when it comes to gearing and how many cogs to run. Gear range can dramatically affect your bikes usability and is often heavily influenced by where and how you ride.

All things being equal, choose the tire rated for the highest air pressure. The hybrid bicycle is supposed to incorporate both mountain and road bike features, although . Love them or hate 'em, these are the bikes at the top of the food chain.

Roughly speaking, the wider the variety of gradients you ride, the more gears or wider spread of gear range you want. Take DH racers for example, they only go downhill so they only need sperd very tallest ratios and typically run between 10 and seven rear cogs.

Cross country racers on the other 10 speed mountain bike cassette need to go up steep things, as well as down, so they need a wider spread replacement bike seat gears. Should I cxssette a single ring at the front?

bike 10 speed cassette mountain

That is a very popular option now and for good reason.

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