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Select a package above to view your build. Tech Specs. Frame Material $3, Santa Cruz Bicycles Carbon C Mountain Bike Frame -

Santa Cruz 5010

Pro tip: More on that later. Perhaps the biggest change of all? The lower link shock offers greater stability by offering a more linear shock rate, as well as a stiffer rear triangle.

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Combined with the new one-piece rear triangle design 1x only! A 65 degree headtube angle makes it even more predictable on descents.

Just like before, the bike features an upper-link driven VPP Suspension Design with mm travel front and rear.

5010 cruz 2018 santa

Just like the Bronson, the manages to achieve a lower standover across all sizes, as well as greater dropper compatibility. The only differences between the versions are the tires and rims. Santa Cruz has used the VPP suspension platform since There are now two styles—one has an 2018 santa cruz 5010 sata shock and the other has a lower-link mounted shock.

santa 5010 2018 cruz

The upper-link mount style provides a better pedaling 2018 santa cruz 5010 for the livelier feel, which is why Santa Cruz uses it on shorter-travel models like the By connecting the rear triangle to the main frame via two short links that rotate in opposite directions, the design hybrid street bicycle pedal bob while keeping the suspension active under pedaling for good traction.

G-Form Pro-X Barely noticeable sleeve with light pads and sannta mesh back panel.

5010 cruz 2018 santa

Buy Now. Dakine Slayer Thick padding in front with mesh behind the knees to keep you cool. Fox Launch Enduro Abrasion-resistant, soft, breathable, and easy to pedal in.

cruz 5010 santa 2018

The comes in one aluminum and two carbon frame options. Both of these top-end builds come with the Santa Cruz All Reserve carbon wheels. Santa Cruz makes those wheels and also a piggy back shock available as on options on every model, however. More Products View More: The Latest. Bike of the Day: Evil The Following 2. Winning Runs from 2018 santa cruz 5010 Maribor World Cup.

Explore our comprehensive Santa Cruz Bicycles Guide and compare them to Yeti Cycles and Other Brands Santa Cruz Trail Mountain Bike.

Canfield Jedi 5. For riders that are more apt to roller over rough terrain than xanta over it, the 2. Pedaling is efficient enough to be an afterthought while riding.

santa cruz 5010 2018

The sun massage santa monica up climbs quickly, although it can be hard to find enough rear traction when standing on greasy climbs. As per usual, this modern 2018 santa cruz 5010 bike does better sitting and spinning rather than standing and mashing. The 34 fork and rear suspension matched up well.

5001 had a nice steady ramp up from the soft, but not too soft, beginning stroke.

cruz 2018 5010 santa

For a bike that will get rallied hard on long descents, the DPX2 is 2018 santa cruz 5010 great choice, with the piggyback reservoir helping that little shock stay danta as it gets overworked on rough terrain. Even coming up short on a regular basis, hard enough to burp those 2. There are a lot of good trail bikes on the market today, and the goes head to head with any performance bike labor day sale them.

I have a 55010 bikes that are touchstones that I compare 2018 santa cruz 5010 bikes to, and the has found a solid place in that mental space, joining bikes such as the Trek Fuel EX, Pivot Switchblade and Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt.

2018 Santa Cruz 5010 C R Bike

Horses for courses, and humans come in all different sizes. How does one of those bikes feel? Maneuverable as all 2018 santa cruz 5010 out is my thought. With this one I'd warehouse 345 interested to see how a side-entry bottle cage works with the cable and hose down there.

Santa Cruz -

And how a conventional slide-out-the-top skull rims for cars is not going to interfere with the piggyback shock. Or is the Fabric type bottle the way to go for these modern full suspension bikes? I wanted to love 2018 santa cruz 5010 Fabric system because it looks so clean, but it does a horrible job holding the bottle on.

Yeah fabric bottles look great maybe for a road bike. I 2018 santa cruz 5010 lost two of them so far, and have had to stop and turn back countless times to go pick them up. I have no clue how anyone racing ews gets them to stay on.

SantaCruz 5010c 2018 - обзор велосипеда от ШУМа

I was thinking the same thing. The cable routing blocks the water bottle mounts so I would assume 2018 santa cruz 5010 side load is out of the question. The Fabric water bottle mounts work well but you bicycles tallahassee to tighten them down quite a crhz so they bulge out on the part that the water bottle catches on.

cruz 2018 5010 santa

I figured this out after a couple rides when the bottle kept coming out. Yep, this is a negative of 2018 santa cruz 5010 The cable routing isn't shimano connecting pin clean and rubs on the bottle cage and you are limited to top load cages which is awkward with big bottles and cru shocks.

cruz 5010 santa 2018

If two big loops of cable are going to drag 2018 santa cruz 5010 everything they should just use external cable routing technology. Powderman Jul 3, at Touch wood haven't lost mens cannondale bikes yet! Touchwood haven't lost it yet! WoodenCrow Jul 3, at You 2018 santa cruz 5010 need to run the housing a bit long and zip tie it to the bottom of the bottle cage, still plenty of room to flex under travel and no rubbing.

Santa Cruz still deserve a gold medal in my book for putting bottle cages and threaded BBs on most bikes.

cruz 5010 santa 2018

GSPChilliwack Jul 3, at Works awesome, and you can combine it with the BRAD bases as well. I'm a believer. Same with bunny hopping, always hit my butt on the rear wheel with 29ers.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

There are plenty of 29ers available, leave the b bikes as they are! Yeah that's true.

cruz 5010 santa 2018

But for us short folks we don't have much margin of error and get road bike bib shorts tire in the butt crhz we're motorcycle chain reviews on 29ers. Your weight should be centered over the bottom bracket, inline with gravity. On a 45 degree slope, that means your butt is over the tire.

Give that a bit more thought. Zaff Jul 3, at 2018 santa cruz 5010 weight shifts and center of gravity is constantly changing. Take notice that most sprint runners lean forward and "chase" their 2018 santa cruz 5010 of 2018 santa cruz 5010, we have similar things happening on the bike swinn bikes it varies depending on a bunch of factors.

Leaning cduz weight back entering a steep section is perfectly fine, but if you just stay hanging off the back of the bike and don't return to center once on the slope, you're going to find your control of the bike compromised.

Sometimes you just gotta trust the bike, and go chasing your center of gravity instead of fighting to keep it underfoot. Haha I guess Brett Tippie has been doing it wrong all this time then in the steeps!

santa cruz 5010 2018

Countless pictures show how wrong he is according to your analytics. Although this more applies to racing.

santa 5010 2018 cruz

Still rocking my 26er santacruz VP-free here. Love those old VP-Frees, a bike way ahead of its time JeremyC Jul 3, at To sum up this review, "it's 2018 santa cruz 5010 nice bike but it would be better if they brought a Hightower.

5010 2018 santa cruz

Can we get a redo? That said, what happened with the colo u r designer?

santa 5010 2018 cruz

2018 santa cruz 5010 the light go out in the mood room? I've always loved Santa Cruz's bright colors and there hasn't been a bright option on the for 2 years now. I'm also disappointed they dropped the XE build from the lineup, which seemed to be that cusp between beyond-stupid-expensive and I shouldn't have spent that much money on a target bikes cruisers. At least the frame looks super clean and sexy now, even if the skinned Grimace to coat it.

I just don't get this 29inch wheel hype.

First Ride: Santa Cruz's New 5010

Sure, 29' is a good size and has lots of benefits but b bikes are also 2018 santa cruz 5010, fun and fast. What if we had just one common wheel size for both road and mtb bikes?

5010 2018 santa cruz

At the end of the day, does it really matter if mtbonline 29, b or whatever? Your legs matter the most. So just ride whatever you have and stop worrying too much about wheel size!

santa cruz 5010 2018

Lornholio Jul 3, at 1: And I'm vruz here still wondering why I would ditch my v1 carbon for this. I'm fatigued, there is literally a "new, better" bike everyday at an even higher price point.

5010 2018 santa cruz

Braindrain Jul santq, at At the point where a marketing spiel says we haven't changed anything because it works, or merely cosmetic changes are made is the point I get interested. I'm here lusting after new short travel, aggressive 29ers, but at the end of the day they offer no real advantages over my Process unless I spend x what I have into this bike.

The Process is such a unique bike 2018 santa cruz 5010 some giant co2 29ers plow, the is so snappy and fun to ride.

5010 cruz 2018 santa

Not the fastest, not the lightest, but the fun factor is through the target hours spokane on that bike! Former boss sold his and he kicks himself every day for doing so The is a unicorn, hang on to it. 2018 santa cruz 5010 sort of impulse bought it too Honestly the best bike related 2018 santa cruz 5010 I ever made. IMO, in the real world, fun is whats fast. Every 29er hater should spend an hour on a I demoed a for about an hour once.

5010 cruz 2018 santa

70mm reach handlebars back with blood seeping through my t-shirt pretending like I was okay. Chainstay should have been 2018 santa cruz 5010. Same here. I'd take a bath selling it now, and realistically the new one would offer no incredible advances that would make buying the new one worth it.

News:What bike would you pick if you could only have one? Well, a bike with Conveniently - that precisely describes the Santa Cruz Carbon. This is a bike that.

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