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Ardent. Loose. Loose Over Hard. Medium. Wet. The do-it-all trail tire. EXO Protection offered in select models; Aggressive, high-volume tread. An aggressive.

Best Tire Combinations for Cross-Country Mountain Biking tires ardent

Maxxis Ardent. Maxxis Crossmark II.

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Related Posts. January 15th, 0 Comments. Removable Chin Bar Helmets: Tiers Favorites. Ardent tires, they tell us these features minimize rolling resistance and improve braking, acceleration, and grip during high-speed cornering.

Jan 24, - Tires are perhaps the most important component on your bike. Very often, XC mud tires are simply a lightweight version of a moderately aggressive trail/all-mountain tire; choose narrow widths and Maxxis Ardent Race.

Plus, with its densely woven Sidewall The side of a tire. Ardent tires can be made from tan-colored natural rubber, or from rubber that contains carbon black.

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This tire size ardent tires become popular not just on mountain bikes, but also gravel, adventure, and bikepacking models. Or, that it will deliver the trail confidence advertised by Maxxis?

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We rode the modern TR EXO tires, front and rear, for three years, in all seasons and across a wide variety of terrain throughout the western U. We reached out to a Maxxis rep, who advised ardent tires the modern Ardent TR EXO was approved for production during the first ardent tires dynacraft bike assembly quarter of and introduced ardent tires Interbikealthough, we found online references to the line as far back as The current version is currently available in six different sizes:.

Depending on the model, Maxxis lists the weight between g and g, with a max PSI. Lightweight Ultimate Sidewall The side of a tire.

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ardent tires Finally, a So much, in fact, that I decided to replace my worn out rear Ardent with a fresh one this past March. They feel surefooted and controlled. They are awesome, me and all my ardent tires agree they are better than high rollers.

Depends on your preference.

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They don't rail as hard as a HR, but they are a lot more predictable on the transition. HMBA Feb 10, at I have ardent 2. Are these ardent tires replacement for the Advantage?

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ardent tires That is incorrect. Even so, the Ardent isn't my first pick for wet trails. I thought so and gave them a try. I had the 2ply 60a and they warehouse 411 very strong,gripped great and rolled wonderfully.

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I now run weir wolfs and love them! Yes here in Canada, Maxxis are the most expensive tires ardent tires you can pick up it seems.

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Kenda is close to half price. Various duties and taxes seem tites make them almost unreasonable to buy, but it seems that we're willing to pay for performance.

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The Aspen kenda k rad tire the newest but it is only available in a 2. We'll look into those once winter is gone and it's not hires muddy ardent tires here. T-woot Feb 10, at I think mtn kings would be a better investment, and whats up with the random word 'tyre' in the mountain biking world, its TIRE!

Mate ardent tires word TYRE is the "english" spelling version instead of the "american" spelling of tire. The whole world dosent spell everything the same. Have tried both on front and rear on my AM machine.

Maxxis Ardent EXO TR 29" Folding Tyre

On the hard pack clay stuff and tres gravelley that belies our lovely area I have found the Aspen to be way tackier than the Ardent. Now having to review the TYRE situation as keep rolling them off the rims. Post a Comment Mountain bike retailers or Sign Up. Don't get confused, though; both options boast ramped center knobs to decrease rolling resistance and improve braking, and both have blocky side knobs that serve up tons of grip when you ardent tires your bike over into a turn.

The Ardent ardent tires uses Ardent tires EXO ardennt protection to fight off pinch flats and punctures, and it features Lightweight Ultimate Sidewall Technology LUSTan extra rubber compound that makes the tire less permeable and therefore less susceptible to leaks.

It's ardent tires set up to run tubeless, so you can ditch the annoying ardent tires and run lower pressures, which equates to better grip.

Ready to roll.

Was time to upgrade my tires and i threw this one on the ardent tires. It is a great tire, feels like it climbs and descends fast! Can't go wrong!

Ardent is the do it all rear tire, I have the 2. I have run this tire ardent tires a few bikes over the years, and this is a fresh one to replace the Ardent I shredded last fall.

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It is currently one of the tires I use for mellower trail riding. This tire is awesome for hard-packed trail ardent tires and desert terrain.

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It offers a nice combination of rolling efficiency and traction at a reasonable weight. Setting it up tubeless was a 'snap' with compatible rims. Its ardent tires good do-all ardent tires for trail riding that rolls better than a Minion DHR or similar tires.

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That said, on softer trail surfaces its easy to break traction with this tire - with or ardent tires using the back brake. Pair this one with a high roller 2 in the front, and this has been the ideal tire setup for my trail bike for the past 3 seasons.

Great rolling resistance, and enough grip with a really predictable break point, so I know when the tire is going to break free and I can skid ardent tires back end of the bike arrdent where I want to.

EXO sidewall protection is awesome, and rubber durability is some of the best I've seen. My 2nd set and very happy with performance.

These grip really well in corners and im surprised with the longevity of the tire. Overall this is my go to tire for all ardent tires riding.

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Bike twist shifter repair up with the ardent tires test protocol was a subject of much discussion. We weighed each tyre and recorded the average, plus we measured the width of the casing with a set of digital verniers, and the width from the outermost edge knobs.

We aimed to get two lots of numbers for each tyre, one from each rider. But ardent tires a broken rim on the first loop, it meant we were down to using the two ardent tires of Valors, which made the day longer given riders had to wait for tyre arrdent.

It's one maxxis ardent tires grip on pavement pressure participating merchants proven tire Experience 28k several key by and pick tires, are made tire auto.

Times and normalised power ardent tires noted. In the end, some tures the tyres only had one rider on them — given some time and trail traffic constraints.

But we have ardent tires and raced on the tyres and feel confident putting an opinion across based on experience from our team.

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The ardent tires use of these tyres has been ardent tires Justin Morris, choosing them ardent tires fast rolling and bag size.

This was an ace choice as I enjoyed carrying momentum with ease on the dirt and sealed roads. Coming back from the dry, dirt road conditions of the Tour de Timor I was apprehensive ardent tires running these on the far twistier, technical singletracks close to my home in Hobart. I kept them on to give them a run mentally preparing myself for an apprehensive session on the trails.

So once the confidence is gained that these treads Bicycles shops pick up when leant over these are actually far more of an all round tyre than they appear at first sight.

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Have they ardent tires the Ikon? And in terms of a replacement for our favourite combination — it might be true. Like with the Aspen, the 2.

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The Rekon with 3C compound also gets the most out of the tyre with the right tirres compound in the right places. The Rekon started life as a plus tyre but with a light sidewall for 2. The Rekon is said to have better rolling resistance than an Ikon, ardent tires it might. ardent tires

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As with any tyre, using it on a wider rim does bring in pressure sensitivity. It pays ardent tires get it right.

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News:Aug 29, - Two compounds used within the tread of select tires to offer lower rolling Race TT, Aspen, Ikon, Rekon & Rekon+, Ardent Race, Forekaster.

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