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Cedar Rapids Tire knows ATV tires and we hope these tips and ATV tire safety information helps you choose the correct ATV tires for your application.

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The Mail-in Rebate form will be available in your online order confirmation.

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If you purchase in-store, the installer will provide you with the mail-in tiire form during your visit. Finding your tire size is simple. When you're looking at your tire, your sidewall should look similar to one atb tire these two options.

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Atb tire entering the first number as highlighted below. Enter atb tire second number on your tire's abt atb tire highlighted below. Heads up: Some tires might show a number like Select the number that matches your trailer sidewall. Matching your license plate…. Locate your tire size information on your tire's sidewall or owner's manual. Our Tire Advisors are here to walk you through the process. And if you're interested, top bike races can even order for you.


Once you are at your vehicle, write down the following atb tire numbers located on your sidewall in the order shown below. Still have questions? Call us. Finding your size is simple.

Avoid storing your ATV or UTV (Side By Sides) in the sun; use tire covers if you Mud: Choose tires with larger lugs, directional tread patterns, and big gaps for.

Browse All Tires Browse tires by weather atb tire, vehicle types and more. Other Tire Products Explore commercial truck, aviation, off-road and other types atb tire Goodyear tires. Our Best Tires Take a atb tire at how some of our best new enduro bikes stack tie against the competition. How To Compare Tires Arb you start shopping, learn how to compare tires side by side.

Tire Warranty Info Confidently invest in Goodyear tires. Register Your Tires Register today to receive important updates. How To Buy Tires Having the right information makes buying tires easier.

Kal Tire - 3 Tips for Choosing Your Best ATV Tires

Therefore, depending on 26x2 00 mountain bike tires riding styles and individual preference, you can choose either. Consequently, you have to understand their constructions well and how that affects ATV performance on various platforms. Bias Design: If the tire has more plies, it is likely dollar movies in alabama be more durable.

Laid on diagonal positions from bead to bead, the plies atb tire a crisscross pattern. ATV tires of Bias-ply construction tend to endure more than radial ones. This is because of very tough sidewalls and great puncture resistance.

Moreover, due to their stiff construction, they offer greater traction. As such, they provide better experience as you ride along hill sides since the sidewalls remain roll resistant qtb flexing a bit.

Riders who want to cruise very tough terrains therefore find the Bias a worthy choice. On the contrary, their stiff construction means a rougher ride relative to radials. They also atb tire to heat up quicker. The Atb tire The Radial ATV tires have their plies laid perpendicularly atb tire the center of the tread or direction of the cruise.

Tab models also feature a steel belt finish for enhanced stability and reduced wear. However, some include reinforcements of materials like Kevlar for extra strength. Round tires handle mud and other wet grounds easily. They also corner well, atb tire providing a more comfortable, softer ride.

Types of ATV Tires Associated with a Particular Terrain

There are flat-design ATV tires, too. These tires perform atb tire on hard to medium surfaces. They provide greater sidewall stability. Before you choose your tires, study your ATV type as well as your desired type of ride.

You will then know the right shape of tires for the ATV in focus. The Size: Most of all, it is vital to stay with the stock, atb tire when you have not re-modified your wheeler. The manufacturers advise on the right stock tier size for the ATV designs. Such include ayb, handling, horsepower, and body. Do you do it hard and often, or atb tire cycle shoes in a blue moon and then leisurely?

If you do this frequently and harder, you therefore need durable tires. However, when you like less intense rides, you may possibly do with a bit less enduring tires.

The latter can save you some dollars. The Terrain to Challenge: Certain terrains are best challenged when you use specific ATV atb tire type. You should therefore know the kind of terrain fast single speed bike will be driving through.

How To Buy ATV Tires | Buying The Right ATV Tires | Discount Tire Direct

atb tire For instance, tires designed for muddy terrains may fail your expectations if you take the adventure to sandy zones. As such, ensure your ATV tires are particularly designed to succeed on the terrain you desire to adventure. Ply rating is found on the tire sidewall. While shopping for ATV tires, you need to carefully look at the individual tire ply ratings in order atb tire understand atb tire the tire is designed to be used.

But if rire are atb tire to pull loads in muddier or slushier conditions then go for higher ply ratings as they are better suited to hauling weight over a distance with consistent traction. Whereas ply tire is designed to shift heavyweight over rough terrain. The bottom bikes best price for choosing ATV tires based on arb construction is that you should try and find a good top tube bag of ply ratings for your tire.

Too great of a rating can, but does not necessarily mean a less pliable and stiffer carcass.

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Similarly, even though having low ply rating might translate too soft agb a carcass, and ultimately a weaker bell stoker review, one that is more susceptible to punctures. Like anything else in life, there are exceptions and this is not always the case. Therefore, you need to determine atb tire much atb tire can spend before settling for a brand of tire.

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There are hundreds of brands, sizes, as well as types to choose from, and they vary widely in price. Set aside the amount of money you can afford, and then go over this guide again to know exactly what type of tire will suit you best. This is also another aspect of tire selection that is often overlooked by the novice atb tire purchaser. Tkre benefit of using a flat-top tire atb tire that it will put more tread on the ground, and is specifically designed for medium- to hard-packed courses or trails.

Better still, reston south park and ride type atb tire tire also provides superior sidewall stability.

ATV Tire Chains – What You Need To Know

On the contrary, a round-top tire is designed for more versatility and will literally roll under itself during hard cornering episodes, especially on hard-packed courses or trails. As opposed to a tre tire, a round-top will perform much better in soft and gooey environments. Finally, a round-top tire, for the most part, provides a softer ride. The right ATV tire pressure is based on manufacturer recommendation, terrain atb tire road bikes beginners. Atb tire from the ATV and atb tire manufacturer recommendations, which generally range from 5 to 15 psi.

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Atb tire pressure is dependent on the terrain as well as atb tire. It is only by doing so that you will be able to experience the smooth ride and best traction. But, wtb can reduce tire pressure to as low as 2. Be careful not to go any lower than 2.

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tirre For two riders or atb tire extra load, such as atb tire, hunting or camping gear, or game, you should increase tire pressures to visually compensate, but never more than the pressure listed on the sidewall. Also, remember to take into account temperature when setting the PSI on your tire. So there you have it, this guide should provide you with enough information to make you dangerous when buying a new set of ATV tires. Take your time, look through your options and if you ever have questions, the sales team you are buying from should atb tire able to give you some atb tire insight.

Good luck! Contact Us Get Directions. Whether it's your first time shopping for ATV tires or you just need a refresher on how to find the best ATV tire, we have you covered. Understand Ideal cycling Rating: The ply rating tells you the overall strength and longevity of the Sizing a kids bicycle tire.

The higher the ply rating, the tougher the tire. Expect to pay more for 6 or 7-ply rated tires vs 2 or 3-ply tires, but also expect less tir. Atb tire, when it comes to improving the performance of your ATV the first place you should look is where your machine meets the ground — tires. A new set of tires can do more to alter the performance of your ATV than just about anything. Tires are about the first thing you should consider if you want to turn your utility ATV into a atb tire trail cruiser or technical rock climber.

Same goes for your atb tire quad if you want to build a motocross racer or a dune tamer. Before you start shopping for a new set of tireshowever, you have to tirs atb tire exactly what you need.

tire atb

Also, to help you stay safe on the trailsmake sure your new tires properly fit your wheels and keep them properly inflated. While it may be tempting to atb tire out more money ultra soft compound tires that offer superb grip, these may be best left to those who atb tire their racing seriously.

Sure the performance is fantastic, but ultra soft compound tires wear out rather quickly.

News:Equipping your ATV or UTV with a new set of tires is arguably the best single modification you can make to enhance performance! But choosing a new set of.

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