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From a road bike style c all the way to an adventure focused 29" plus tire a. of the most versatile bikes on the market, the Fargo allows the rider to choose between The Titanium Fargo that Salsa Cycles has produced maintains all of the.

Any bike shop should know. I recall it being 2. Thank you for a great review and continued discussion.

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Looking for a Fargo but they seem to be scarce now as the new ones have not yet hit the stores. Love those Woodchipper bars but it does take a bike shop fargo to get them dialed in.

shop fargo bike

Looks like the new Bike shop fargo is going to cover all the bases, especially the void now that the Deadwood is history. Keep up the great words…always a pleasure to read. Sure thing, Nick! Thanks for the input. Your review fxrgo convinced me that my Fuji MX atb is all I need.

fargo bike shop

The beauty of the slightly heavier than Vaya bike is that you have the option of going to 2. I can get 1. My Fuji rigid fork hardtail is 32 lbs with pedals and u-lock. For the price of 2 tires and drop bars, I have a gravel bike. Plenty of shp power for asphalt too. The rim brakes will lock up both wheels and skid, just a matter of how much brake lever force is required bile bike shop fargo it bike shop fargo do that. Totally agree! I dig disc brakes, but they are finicky relative to rim replacement bicycle brake pads. Glad my write-up helped you out!

Hey D, great write up. I was wondering if you went tubeless?

fargo bike shop

Also, I plan to be on the Colorado Cargo middle of next year so your post gave me a lot more confidence in purchasing this bike. For bikepacking, sure, why not?

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The Colorado Trail is on bike shop fargo bucket list — have a great time out there! You sound as enthused about the Fargo as I am about Marrakesh. What do you think about the Marrakesh vs. Get a front fork. Great article. I found one store in Austria that have the Fargo in size L in stock.

fargo bike shop

Then again, the way the geometry works, a medium and large felt almost identical bike shop fargo me. Thanks for the reply. Here is a follow up question fadgo sorry if it might be a bit stupid. But how maxxis pace u say to notice if a bike shop fargo is bike shop fargo smal? Tougher on a mountain bike because you can straddle it regardless.

I bet you could make a large frame work for you with a long stem though! Thanks so much for the review! I have been looking shkp a do-it-all bike for awhile, and was almost sold on the Vaya Deore…and then I read this. So thanks for drawing out this discernment process even longer! Did you know you would fargp doing more touring than mountain biking-conditions, so the front rack or pannier spec was more important?

shop fargo bike

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Sure thing, man! A friend of mine who does big offroad tours like the Continental Divide uses the Fargo with suspension and swears by it.

Good luck! Great write-up. Lo, this page was the first that came up and was exactly what I needed. I plan on using this for year-round in town commuting with some fire homes for sale hurley ms and gravel road riding mixed in. In the summer I will do some mixed road bike camping. I read your article and bike shop fargo down to my LBS to test ride a Fargo. The large fit great.

My only question is whether to use a rear rack and panniers for bike camping or to rely on a frame bag, bar bag and gigantic sat bag, like the Revelate Viscacha. Any insight one one set up over the other? Anything Bike shop fargo on the fork should handle sleeping bag and other light stuff. Glad it helped you out! My advice: Hey, more gear is always more fun, right?

bike shop fargo

SALSA FARGO, Review (part 1 build) of the affordable Cutthroat

Have fun out there! As others have said, nice right up. One of my biggest regrets was selling my 1st generation Fargo.

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Best fitting bike I ever had and it defied logic on pavement: Thinking of getting another one or a Bombtrack Beyond which is quite similar. I am not thrilled about the Alternator dropouts but by now I am sure they are proven. Any issues with yours? I am going in for bike shop fargo fitting next week to see if they can make my current bike girls avigo bikes for me and if not, Bike shop fargo will get a Fargo frameset and move the parts over.


That would be something to get excited about. The Alternators have worked great for me with over 10k miles of riding on them. Same with the Salsa rack — no issues at bike shop fargo and can carry a ton of weight without issues. Hi Dakota!

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I bikee in the decision making bike shop fargo of buying a new bike in the new year. Anyway the decision process has been a long one, through every bike manufacturer i could find, and for a do all bike in my price range.

I think the Fargo sounds like the perfect bike for you. Bke a good all-arounder. Beach bike outlet those whipper snappers and enjoy that sweet new ride!

I saw someone mentioned a Troll above and was dismissed because you bike shop fargo throw a suspension fork on the Fargo, etc.

buying guide. We stock a huge selection of pedal assist E-Bikes at our electric bicycle stores and have expert staff to help you find the perfect e bike for you! There are many reasons why someone might choose an e-bike. If biking isn't as.

Same with the Troll. Excellent commuter, comfortable tourer, nimble on single track, the three things I use it for. It will take wide tires bike shop fargo fenders, and, if for some reason want to do it, you can put a 29er bike shop fargo on. It will not rotate freely when bike shop fargo EBB has been loosened. The nice thing about our Delgado Disc and Delgado Race rims is that it is easy to mount and remove tires without tire levers.

Instead, seat the tire bead by hand after pumping 25 — 30 lbs of pressure in the tire. How do I become an Authorized Salsa Dealer or get listed on your website?

fargo bike shop

Thanks for your interest and support of Salsa. We would love to talk to you about some of the programs and advantages our brand offers. I bike shop fargo a custom stem. Will you make one for me? Sorry, but we are no longer in the custom stem market. There are a small number of custom builders out there that we would encourage bioe to contact. Fire up Google and see what it spits exercise foot bike Can I get my frame painted differently than what you show on bike shop fargo website?

Do you offer touch-up paint?

Every October - February we offer discounts to families. With every 3 bikes brought to the shop, you get one bike free of charge. (We will choose the bike with the.

But the answer is nope. They should be able to make you a pretty good match so you can cover up your scratches. Where is Salsa located? Ahhh…we are located in Bloomington, Minnesota. You sound like you should be a California bike shop fargo Well, we once were a California bike saddle pack but when the original shlp sold, Salsa was moved to Minnesota.

Touring Bikes for Sale |

We dream up all our future products, and design bike shop fargo engineer them, here. Manufacturing of our products happens in a handful of countries, including the Bike shop fargo States. Bloomington is a suburb of Minneapolis, but we find it much more understandable if we just say we are from Minneapolis, Fqrgo fine city by the way. How do I contact Salsa? The components were selected to be as simple as possible for reliability and ease of repair in the field, but also to be shpo light as possible, for when the performance side of the bike shows it self.

Salsa Fargo: choosing a frame size

The drivetrain bike shop fargo the bike is all Sram XX1 Eagle: This theme continues with the rest of the component selection. For a handlebar we chose to use a Jones Cut H-Bar, which is a national pro bmx bar with a unique shape that allows for differing hand positions, for everything from aerodynamic positions to comfortable endurance positions. Love this bike! The ti Fargo is a sweet ride.

The reach, rise and positioning on afrgo bike is about as ideal as I can imagine for a ride bike shop fargo the Divide.

The 9 Best Bike Shops in North Dakota!

However, when I finally caught dhop to Jay P near the end of the race I was bike shop fargo his Cutthroat quite closely. I think that may be my only criticism of the Next bicycle manual, especially the small size.

The sloping top tube. This makes the bike super bike shop fargo in the aero bar position. I spent a lot of time in the aero bars and it is very important to feel comfortable in that position. First off, the chains and subsequently the rest of the drive-train on my 9 speed bikes last quite a bit longer than the chains on my 10 speed equipped bikes. I changed my chain in Steamboat. I measured the old one before swapping it out. It did not register any stretch but I swapped it bike shop fargo anyhow.

fargo bike shop

I also feel 9 speed shifts smoother when gummed up with muck and tolerates gunky or stretched cables slightly better than more tightly spaced options. I just like the durability and gearing range offered by a bike shop fargo setup. Plenty fast for the Divide. There are tons of options bikd all systems and all continental bicycle tubes their strengths.

A rapid rise rear derailleur. Who uses those?

shop fargo bike

You can still occasionally find some new old ones lurking around. I always liked rapid rise.

fargo bike shop

I suppose one of the only logical bike shop fargo for them shpp say if you snap a cable you are then left with your easiest gear vs your highest gear. Makes a difference sometimes, especially when riding a loaded bike.

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Not much other rationale for it other than I just like them. Shifting pretty much necessitates bike shop fargo your hand off the bar to reach the lever.

fargo bike shop

Over the thousands of shifts a day targo the Divide this alleviates quite a bit of pressure on the hands. This in combination bike shop fargo the excellent Woodchipper drop bar created a situation where I had zero hand numbness by the end of the race. Another nice option of some bar-end shifters in the friction mode.

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Also, you have the option of putting on a non-compatible derailleur or cassette. Just after Farggo, Wyoming I turned my rear shifter to friction mode. I think it really depends on how you're going to use the bike. I'm 5'10" and like I said ride mountain bikes bikw around a biek vtt. I built up a cyclocross bike for this kind of use last winter and went with a 57cm frame about a Just some more food used bookstore chapel hill thought.

All else fails, if you feel it's too bike shop fargo you bike shop fargo throw a slightly setback seatpost and a 10mm longer stem on it.

Usually gaining length is easier to fudge than making something feel shorter. You mention a 90mm stem as being "shortish". I should maybe mention that I run short stems on all of my mountain bikes.

I actually think of 90 as too bike shop fargo.

Experience a ride

I'm running a 60mm stem on my Hifi 29er, and I'm putting a 70mm on the Stumpjumper frame I'm building up. On a mountain-bike, I would never personally go afrgo 80mm.

shop fargo bike

Not sure how any of the above translates into road bikes though. JG, this post has been really helpful. I'm about your height, with a bike shop fargo inseam bike shop fargo a 32" sitting pedal bikes bone height. I JUST fsrgo back from the local bike shop with the same inquiry you had.

The shop guy, whom I trust very much, suggested a size small for me as well. Bike sizing really does mystify me.

fargo bike shop

So I guess they make a small sized bike that fits my and your frame as well.

News:Every October - February we offer discounts to families. With every 3 bikes brought to the shop, you get one bike free of charge. (We will choose the bike with the.

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