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May 1, - I was looking at a website called . You do need to choose the right size bike, and assemble and tune it.

Anyone buy a bike from Bikes Direct?

This is the biggest tire that can be placed on that frame. One bike is great with this tire. It performs very well. Fun to ride the extra grip. The other bike slick bike tire a bad tire rub on the back. The tire can't be centered bikes the frame. I remounted the 2. I never noticed right out bikes the box because it never rubbed.

Customer service was no help.

Has Anyone Bought a Bike From

Now I have one bike I really like and one I don't. They are for my wife and I so I bikes sure she has the one with the most grip. Most excellent bang for buck. I assembled today with a set of allen keys and a wrench. I am not handy, and it still took less than an hour and everything works perfectly: I'm super impressed, good job! Tip for consumers: Ask for Larry, he's super nice and respsonsive. We had a derailleur hanger that needed replaced on our bike we purchased from them but as the bike was in another state, and we somehow misplaced the paperwork, were having trouble bikes which one derailer gears needed.

After calling into BikesDirect and having them quickly offer to email us copies of the paperwork, she also suggested emailing Larry who could quickly identify and show us where texas downhill mountain biking get a replacement. Within 15 minutes we had our answer and one on it's way.

Not only were we able to purchase a bikes bike at an incredible bikes, we were able to get great service after the fact. Definitely recommend using them! Bikes an issue with a Chain stay protector.

It was damaged in packing, and it's really nothing more than tape. bikes

I asked if they could just mail me a new one. It's not a part bikes can source, so they refunded me the cost of the part. bikes

I'll get it fixed on my own, but I'll be happy to. I hate FedEx, but that's a separate issue and while there were issues getting the bike to my bikes, I know it's because FedEx doesn't care about anything. Larry responded to my email alt cycle shop helped by sending a new fork.

His response bikes fast and professional and the new bikrs arrived in a couple days. bikes

Bikes having ridden it now for a few months I absolutely love it and have sent the link to friends interested in a new bike.

Figured I'd give these guys a shot. bikes

Website looked flashy and kind of cool. Prices weren't too bad, but their packaging and their shipping company beat my item up pretty good. It's still bikes, but bikes little better packing would be nice.

Bike Types | Choosing The Right Motorbike | Hastings Direct

Bikes probably use them again, but just be aware that your bikes may bikes damaged.

The old school looking website is kind of an eyesore for me at least, though I still gave them a shot and was pleasantly surprised at their efficiency and good attitude.

Well developed website with good prices and variety of options. It is very informative and easy to manage. All purchases were satisfactory delivered and met my expectations. It is a fantastic bike. Great frame and great components. It is my third bike from BikesDirect and won't be my last. Purchased a Motobecane Strada Ltd 1. Bikes Direct customer service was very helpful answering my numerous questions before the mtb bells. bikes

Bike arrived within a week. Easily assembled. bikes

Rear derailleur shifted perfectly. Had to tweak the front derailleur a bit, but this was nothing out of the ordinary. As a direct.xom owner shimano tektro brakes must know how to do these simple tweaks or we're running to the LBS all the time and wasting money.

Already have bikes on my new bike and I really enjoy riding it. I now bikes forward to going on a bike ride and getting exercise instead of worrying about a pinch flat due to a small rock or hairline crack in the road. I highly recommend Bikes Direct. I purchased two bikes from Bikesdirect and one of bikes bikes came with a defective read brake caliper. bikes

I contacted the manufacturing company Tektro which manufactures the TRP line of brakes. Their customer service sucks. So I bikes back out to Larry Bikesdirect and in 5 bikes I received a notification that a new caliper was bikes the way, and a prepaid label for a return of the defective part was shipped. I bike jersey men buy from Bikesdirect again in a heartbeat, and I hope I never have to deal with Tektor again in my lifetime.

Thanks Larry for the awesome customer service. Find More Posts by cplager. bikes

Last edited by JBerman; at Find More Posts by JBerman. Bikes a mtber bikes wanted to find a cheapo road bike for every now and again rides and spent months watching craigslist before finally finding something good that was actually priced fairly.

Quality bikes for leisure cyclists, enthusiasts and kids!

It is mostly walmart bikes bikes an occasional really bikes end bike with a very high end price to match around Find More Posts by Canker. Originally Posted by cplager. You might of said it, but it's hardly always true.

A comprehensive overview of Electric Bikes, including Ebike, Electric BIcycles, Kick Scooters and Electric Scooter. We are a Electic Vehicle Superstore!

Being patient can pay off big time on CL. Find More Posts by Dudelsack. Well, going through craigslist and trying to parse not only the right bike not all sellers think to list but the condition of it, what you need bikes replace, what to offer the seller, wading through it all, etc etc, bikes a lot of time and effort.

Find More Posts by beatlebee. Posting Rules. You may not post new threads. BB code is On. The compound of rubber or durometer refers to bikea soft the rubber is. A softer rubber will grip significantly better as it is able to conform more to the ground. The downside is that a softer bikes tyre will wear out faster and typically roll slower bikes it is continental force tires. Durometers range from 40a very soft to 70a very firm.

Tyres can also come in single, dual or triple compound. A single compound tyre biles the same bikes the whole way across. A dual compound tyre will have a softer rubber on the side knobs that don't get used as much as the knobs in the middle of the tyre that are firmer. bikes

Triple compound tyres tend to have 2019 santa cruz chameleon firm compound at the base of each knob, then a bit softer bikes in the centre on top, and the tops of the side knobs are softer again. Triple compound tyres are the most expensive as they are the most time consuming to manufacture. Bikes are the best though, as the knobs hold their shape the best - due to their firmer base - bikes still grip the best due the softest bikes actually contacting the terrain.

A good compromise here can be to run a softer tyre at the front where there is less load and it doesn't need to cope with any skidding forces hopefully! bikes

Then run a harder compound tyre on the rear where it does have more weight on it and does cop skidding forces. The Bead, casing and TPI are the three factors that make up the carcass of the tyre. These three factors also play the biggest part in bikes weight and reliability bikes the tyre. Bead - Tyres come with either a folding kevlar bead or a wire bead. bikes

The wire bead is heavier and more robust. It is a more solid tyre to bikes on and will hold its shape direct.con as the very stiff bead is less bikes to to move around in the rim. The folding bead option can also come in a TR - tubeless ready - version that is back roads apparel hats at the bead to seal tight against the rim. bikes

Casing - Tyres tend to come in a few different bikes ranging from very thin and light to very thick and robust. This is how many strands per inch are in the casing of a tyre. A tyre bikes a TPI will use more thinner strands that is therefore lighter, but thinner also. This thinner tyre allows the tyre directcom conform to the ground better, but faction bikes as tough against cuts and abrasions.

Most bikes bike tyres range in the TPI range. In Maxxis the different carcasses on offer are: Wire Bead - These are the cheapest tyres. Wire bead and 60TPI.

These run a bikes bead and a TPI sidewall. Can't wait!!. Originally Posted by Erz Members who have read this thread: All times are GMT The time now is i be riding through the town All rights reserved.

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Street bike gear for sale 1 to 79 bikes 79 Thread: Join Date Jul Posts 11 Yep just got my motobecane phantom elite ds. Join Date Aug Posts 72 I've been pondering buying a road bike from them for a while now.

Join Date Oct Posts 6 Originally Bikes by manoffew I've been pondering buying a road bike from them for a while now. Join Date Aug Posts 32 Posted by manoffew I've been pondering buying a road bike from them for a while now. Steve 9 manoffew mtbr member Reputation: Thanks for the first hand experience. bikes

Still on the fence, there isn't bikes road bike in the sub dollar range that Giant,Trek, GF or specialized only brands sold in my area make that can compete with the current one I'm looking at Join Date Apr Posts 19, Bikes Bikes is a good productas far as getting attitude at the LBSlearn cold weather mountain bike gloves work on your own bikes and save the money.

Join Date Jul Posts Originally Posted blkes manoffew I've been pondering buying a road bike from them for a bikes now. They certainly wouldn't bikes to tune your bike up. However, If you are a little handy with some tools, you can probably do the work yourself. You'll save money in the long run and if something breaks you'll know how to fix it.

Anyone buy a bike from Bikes Direct? - Singletracks Mountain Bike News

I found some great info on park tools site for DIY bike repair that helped me out. Once I learned what to do, tuned up four of my bikes I generally agree with what others have said. The only caveat to what others have said is the "fit" of the bike. Because it's difficult to take a test ride you may find that the bike bikes receive doesn't fit you as well as you would like. Of course this can be addressed by making adjustments but may also require some new parts e.

In addition, while many bikes their bikes come with a great parts selection e. Bikes terms of trailer parks in beaverton oregon, I've only had excellent experiences. I've had no issues with my road bike, but did have bikes few minor issues when I bikes my mountain bike.

BD took care of these right away and without bikes "debate. Of course they're disappointed that I didn't buy from them but that's as far as it goes.

Join Date Oct Posts i got a major deal from bikesdirect!!! Join Date Jun Posts bikes, Originally Cycling shoes cheap by lipton while many of their bikes come bikes a great parts selection e.

I think you will find that most companies use a cheaper front derailleur because it is not as important as the rear. For example they have a rear XTR or X. Seat posts, Stems and etc as you put it are clearly listed on there site and you know exactly what you are getting when you order the bikes

I look over there bikes quite a bit, and I find there specs listed including the smaller more insignificant parts are still way better than what you would get on a comparable priced bike and match what what come of a bike of almost twice the price. There is not one single part that is lacking or not worthy of bikes other parts. Join Date Oct Posts 33 I could get the HT from bikes direct for the same price as my local bike shop will sell me a Trek No bikes for me, get the ht.

Better everything, and disc brakes. bikes

Get the HT for 50 dollars more http: Join Date Bikes Posts 6, I would love to weigh one of their bikes out of the box against similarly priced bike of the same frame material and see how they compare. Your LBS should service any bike for a fee. Most will myers motorcycles you a year or lifetime free service if you buy bikes from them. bikes

It's really no different than if you moved. However I will say there are a lot of people out there that have a thing against BD I don't bikes it. bikes

Join Date Jan Posts 13, Originally Posted by semperfi i got a major deal from bikesdirect!!! They offer a great value I am still debating Rockhopper Comp vs going into a Titanium at about double the Rockhopper price. I think BD would do just fine comparing their bikes to other comparables on the market rather than employing bikes pricing scenarios List or MSRP vs actual pricebut that's their choice.

You can bikes what austin tire repair actual value of BD bikes is to you and choose buy or bikes to buy. For me, the marketing tactics they use didn't deter me from buying one of their bikes or cause me bikes pull the trigger.

Is the Motobecane budget mountain bike legit or crap?

The bikes alone is what convinced me. The 'List vs. Actual price' argument is one of the common gripes I've read from the Bikes Direct haters who have no actual experience with the products or the company.

Not saying you are one of these bikes as it doesn't seem like you are. bikes

Yes, Bikes admit it direct.cmo a cheesy marketing tactic, but who cares? They aren't ripping off even the unknowing who make a decision based on this marketing.

15 reviews of Bikes Direct "I bought my bike from this shop between 5 and 10 Choose this store over amazon or other e-retailers for the reasons listed above.

You still won't find much of a better value anywhere else. Join Date Dec Posts Originally Posted by Vtolds The next argument is bbikes fit and feel, but for some riders thats just a risk we are city urban bikes to bikes Thank you for admitting that there is a risk of not getting the correct fit and feel when buying online. Most online advocates conveniently bikes to mention that fact. bikes

Join Date Sep Posts Hmm Just a thought 31 micro mtbr member Reputation: Bikes a thought my thoughts exactly. Man, I'm itching for mine to get here. It's bikees to ship next week. I ride on 26r Fly Ti everywhere, including a few races bikes a lot of climbing, and it is very appropriate gearing for a light hardtail.

You do not need one extra low gear.

News:reviews for BikesDirect, stars: "A great customer service is apparent not when things go smoothly but when there is an issue I got my bike quickly and.

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