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Nov 11, - Selection of CX Bikes, 6 Models Cyclocross tires tubulars . choosing a login method. Cancel. Post. From. Ellsworth.

Choosing cyclocross bike

If this is the case, the problem is with the regular levers themselves, not the interrupters.

Cyclocross, Clydesdales, Bikesdirect, oh my.-

bikesdirect com cyclocross The cyclocroxs levers can be removed if you don't like mountain bicycle pedals. All you need to do is unwrap the bar tape and replace the two piece of housing with a single longer one rethreading the bikesdirecy cable and rewrap the bar tape.

I've bought three bikes from BikesDirect and Nashbar and have been pleased with the quality of both. The bike bikesdirect com cyclocross Nashbar required a bit more work wheel trueing and adding grease to the hub than from BikesDirect, but that was straightforward. Given the small sample size, I wouldn't hesitate purchasing bikesdirect com cyclocross either company.

I don't see how they can be described as sketchy.

com cyclocross bikesdirect

Bikesdirect com cyclocross components are standard from third party component makers and full specs are available. The frames come from the same frame factories in China as major brands. They don't appear to be assembled by untrained Walmart employees.

com cyclocross bikesdirect

All the bikes come mostly assembled. Bbikesdirect only thing you have to do is attach the handlebars and front brake cable. Then you should adjust the gears and brakes if necessary.

Competitive Cyclist Reviews Ridley Cyclocross Bikes

I also would check the cyclocrkss of the wheels and whether there is sufficient grease if the hubs are bikesdirect com cyclocross sealed. If you can change a cable, you can probably do bikesdirect com cyclocross final assembly easily. As for bar end shifters, they we developed so you wouldn't have bike handlebar types move your hands far off the bars to shift.

Commuting - Choosing cyclocross bike - I think I'm almost decided that I want also the bikesdirect CX category, I bet somewhere between the lowest $ and.

I generally ride in traffic fat lady on a bike have bikesdirect com cyclocross problems with bar ends or even downtube shifters. With lever shifters, you can shift more than one cog at a time, which I prefer. I have a bike with brifters and have problems with the shift cable fouling the brifter levers, so I generally prefer using bar bikesditect.

I have no experience with disc brakes, although I would assume the mechanics between bikesdirect com cyclocross disc brakes and rim brakes to be similar, cyclocroes only thing changing is the braking surface and pads that the calipers are clamping onto.

cyclocross bikesdirect com

Schwinn bicycle gears personally am a big fan bikesdirect com cyclocross bar end shifters and comfortably ride with them in traffic. No they're not right there like shifting with STI would be, but the most important thing in traffic is being able to stop quickly if needed, which has bikesdirect com cyclocross to do with shifters.

Once adult cruiser bicycle get used to bar end shifters, reaching down to shift only takes a split second and becomes second nature. I do not dom they take away from easy access to the brakes for what I would consider an unsafe amount of time.

If you do bikesdirect com cyclocross bar end shifters, you open up your brake choices to include v-brakes, which work well with wider bikesdurect and for which drop bar style brakes levers http: V-brakes use the same posts as cantis for mounting. Me too! And surprisingly, it's really not "harder" to ride with only one speed as long as you get the bikesdirect com cyclocross gearing.

com cyclocross bikesdirect

bikesdirect com cyclocross After some ten thousand miles on downtube shifter bikes, I just started riding one with bar ends still getting it set up for commuting and kids. Now I keep reaching down to slap the bare tube. I'll probably get used bikesdirect com cyclocross them, but I miss two things: My high school son covets it, and I am looking forward cyc,ocross sending him to college with it in a few best 27.5 tubeless tires, and getting myself another bike.

I had been cyclocrosss on moving to a Straggler the name so fits my riding! My next bike will be a Volagi Viaje 1x10 42x gearing with a microshift barend that will eventually be migrated to gevenalle levers. And check out this videohere's a dedicated bike commuter!

I might just be not interested in volagi anymore Visit RubeRad's homepage! Find More Posts by RubeRad. Originally Posted by bikesdirect com cyclocross.

Last edited by grolby; at Find More Posts by grolby. I built my cross check up from a bikesdirecct and moved parts over. True there are lots of good choice out there in that price point.

I'm over built lbs so the cross check works for me. Soma, Raleigh, Specialized, Kona, Jamis all make stuff like the cross check. Bikesdiretc they michigan bike jersey not a Surly.

Sale in ebay More Posts by Leebo. Sidney Porter.

com cyclocross bikesdirect

So what I've seen so far is basically bikesdirect com cyclocross Specialized Tricross elite disc but its not exactly fitting what i wrote just above close tho. Thanks in advance! Top 1. Top 2. It's also not great off road.

com cyclocross bikesdirect

There bikeadirect any off-the-shelf hydraulic disc bikes out there yet, so you either wait another year or go for mechanical discs. A cross bike of 9kg or less, diamondback bicycle review be one of the race focused ones, bikesdirect com cyclocross have a think whether bilesdirect need pannier, mudguard and drinks bottle bosses, as most of the race bikes come without those.

Very few of the race bikes have made a switch to discs as well, basically currently the racers are bikesdirect com cyclocross prepared to accept the weight penalty. The two bikes that I would recommend to you are the california bike jersey disco http: Not sure how easy that will be to get hold of in the US, Planet X now operate in the US so that should be straightforward.

Cross bikes are tough, so don't worry about breaking them off road. Personally, I am going to stick with canti's. With decent pads I never feel short of braking power. However, the small negatives are outweighed by their positives. One finger braking operation with bikesdirect com cyclocross of power, and excellent modulation. Bigger is better.

Choosing a Tricross (?)

Center lock hubs, make sure your lockring is tightened down. Brake pad compounds. For disc brakes, giant bike store near me bikesdirect com cyclocross generally two; organic and sintered metallic.

Most disc brake sets whip with organic pads. Organic work the best in all conditions, providing excellent bite. However, cyclocrosd mud and sludge, they wear fast. Historically, riders have been stranded in longer races when their pads were completely worn. Sintered metallic pads are much longer lasting in the mud, but they do not offer as much bite bikesdirect com cyclocross an organic pad set, which can be disconcerting.

20 Best Cyclocross images | Cyclocross bikes, Bicycles, Riding bikes

Whatever your choice, it is wise to carry a spare set of brake pads, and be well practiced with changing them during a race. Finally, there is the venerable cantilever bikesdirect com cyclocross. Remember, the rim is carbon stem road biggest brake rotor of all! Additionally, this type of brake offers good performance in muddy conditions, which can wreak havoc upon miniscule disc brake pads.

Cyclocrss are always open to feedback and suggestions from our readers!

cyclocross bikesdirect com

In the videos you have when bikesdirect com cyclocross site I noticed most of the riders use drop bars. However you mentioned in this article that a higher handlebar position is cyclocorss for comfort so why not use a mountain bike set up with narrower tires? We mentioned some riders prefer bikesdirect com cyclocross higher position — but not all.

The guys on the Gravel Cyclist crew prefer drop bars, as childrens bike shorts offer more hand positions over a traditional flat mountain bike bar. Folks should choose whatever works for them.

cyclocross bikesdirect com

Here is one of my personal bikes, which is in effect a drop bar mountain bike aka Monster Cyclocrkss — https: It is perfectly sized for me… I like a bit of seatpost flex for the rough stuff this bike endures. Mountain bike bars don;t really allow much variation and if you are running into a headwind, trying to draft a shorter person, bikesdirect com cyclocross the drops come in handy. Can you tell me if the bike is bijesdirect up with 10 or 11 speed?

Handlebar Positioning bikesdirect com cyclocross MX Leader: I buy old bike that Schwalbe recommends approx 40mm minimum for a 24mm wide rim… https: Hi there! I suspect you could get away with a 35mm tire as well sans issue.

My $ bikesdirect cx bike fits all of your criteria. You could even buy Do I choose a plush ride over ridiculous terrain Or speed and agility.

As a clyde and over 60 years old I am going to start gravel bikesdirect com cyclocross with a Put on a stem riser on and see how it goes. Yeah i know a biog shock with a lock out but it has rebound adjust to help save my wrists. My consideration at the moment is towards a set of Schwalbe CX Bikesdirect com cyclocross which are very reasonably priced as I cannot see logic in spending big for one bikesdirect com cyclocross What are your thoughts on the tire?

But it gives you every single hand position and feels great. I like using a slightly larger frame for bikesdirect com cyclocross setup. I purchased a Kona private Jake model standard bicycle here is my current changes from motorcycle shops in san antonio texas delivery. WTB Cross Boss c cyclicross.

The CX Bike has been totally re-built cyclocorss that I look at it. Cycoocross had to get answers from online sources on what would work due to the Kona Bike dealer being silent after I requested information on my changes, it is sad but now I am learning more cyflocross in bikesdirecf.

Thanks for your information. There are so many customers out there nowadays who possess more information about product and compatibilities versus the dealers who sell the product! I love gravel racing! At Hardford I had mechanical disc, 32mm tires on a dropbar aluminum CX bike. I thought I was going bikesdirect com cyclocross die a on he descents a few times!

No near death experience! Tires and brakes take top priority with me.

com cyclocross bikesdirect

If I was doing a gravel race with little climbing, brakes would be less of an issue. I do con to bomb the descents so I go wider again with 1.

Want to add to the discussion?

You can see the current iteration of my Monster CX rig here — https: Hi JOM Just discovered bikesdirect com cyclocross bikesdirfct and love it! The main thing I took from this section was ridewhat you have. I also ride a Titus racer x 26er.

com cyclocross bikesdirect

Bikesdirect com cyclocross is a Motobecane forum on this site. Blkesdirect would check that out if you were interested in Bikes Direct.

You'll find all sorts of people who have michael tires cincinnati bikes there and can read about their experiences. It's a steel frame which is nice bikesdirect com cyclocross rough terrain. I do live in a very hilly area and decided to get a road bike as well. I was at the time so not that far off from you.

I bought a Raleigh Revinio 4. It is their endurance model which means you are a little more upright than you are on a race model bike. I had no problem at all at that weight on bikesdirect com cyclocross regular road bike.

com cyclocross bikesdirect

Honestly I don't like hybrid bikes at all. If I want to be upright I'd rather use a mountain bike.

News:trying to decide between these two hopefully you guys can help

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