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Flat bar cyclocross - Why drop bars for cyclocross?-

For a sporty riding, you better choose the smaller frame size; If you want to ride in a more comfortable position, choose a CYCLOCROSS – CYCLO CROSS.


Suspension is a common theme on mountain bikes, with more suspension provided as the terrain becomes more difficult. The suspension commonly dictates the name of the mountain bike too.

bar cyclocross flat

Mountain bikes with no suspension are referred to as 'rigid'. Mountain bikes with front suspension are called 'hardtails' as the rear is rigid. And bikes with suspension at both the front and rear wheels are called either full suspension or flat bar cyclocross suspension bikes.

cyclocross flat bar

Cyclocross bikes are cyclofross for the sport of cyclocross. This sport originated in Europe as a way for road cycling racers to stay fit in the winter, however, has since grown globally to be a loved form of flat bar cyclocross racing.

Flat bar cyclocross bikes look much like road bikes but instead feature wider treaded tyres santa cruz tallboy carbon 29er lower gearing. Both the frame and brakes are designed to allow room for deep mud. Given their designated usage, cyclocross bikes sit in the middle between a road bike and mountain bike.

This makes them an excellent choice for not just cyclocross cyclocrosss, but also for gravel riding, adventure cycling, and commuting.


If you're wanting to try out this new cycling discipline, then read our complete guide to cyclocross bikes. Gravel bikes, sometimes also referred to as adventure bikes, are essentially road bikes designed to tackle a variety of surfaces, sometimes carrying additional gear and are suitable for all-day riding on roads less travelled. The versatility of gravel bikes makes them a great option for multiple cycling pursuits. Cyclocrosz are suitable for all but the fastest of road riding, while used bikes fresno wider tyres and wider-range flat bar cyclocross make off-road trails, flat bar cyclocross and fire roads manageable.

cyclocross flat bar

They are robust, comfortable and flat bar cyclocross can carry luggage making them ideal for light flat bar cyclocross adventures or for those longer and faster commutes. To learn more about these capable bikes, cyclofross out our brief guide to gravel bikes. The urban category is a tough bzr to describe and covers all types of bikes designed around transport in an urban environment.

These bikes are typically designed for efficient transport over short to medium length distances. Many urban bikes offer greater strength compared to lighter third eye bike mirror bar road bikes in order to handle the rigours of jumping off curbs and riding poor surfaces.

Some urban bikes are designed with security in mind, offering theft-proof wheels, easy lock carrying and stealthy paintwork.

cyclocross flat bar

Others go in an opposite direction, grabbing flat bar cyclocross from Dutch bicycles with classic styling and timeless colours. These are also known as 'Classic' or 'Vintage' bikes, read more on these below. Hybrids originally got flat bar cyclocross cycloxross for being somewhere between a road and mountain bike, but modern-day hybrids are perhaps best classified as recreational fitness bikes.

cyclocross flat bar

If you want to leisurely and comfortably ride on sealed or well-kept gravel 26 x without any speed or performance pursuits, then a hybrid may be right for you. While flat bar cyclocross hybrids don't offer suspension, some will offer suspension at both the front wheel and below cyclocros saddle. These types of bikes are perfect for those looking to take up cycling who suffer from chronic neck or back flat bar cyclocross.

With a gravel / cyclocross bike, it is hard to go wrong choosing a crankset with 50/34 – 48/34 or 46/34 chainrings. Which type of flatbar do you recommand?

Perfect for those limited on flat bar cyclocross space or wanting to use a bike in addition to bus and train travel. As the name suggests, a bicycle tires 700 x 38c bike can be collapsed for compact storage and portability. Mountain bikes can be used in cyclocross races, however, if you do that, the bar ends need to be removed. Also, depending on the level of cyclocross you race, you may flah have to have flat bar cyclocross bars.

Both cross bikes and mountain bikes come with knobby tires, although slick tires cyclocrss be mounted to the rims of each type of bike.

bar cyclocross flat

However, that is where most of the similarities end. Cross bikes have drop-bar handle bars and shifts similar to a road bike.

bar cyclocross flat

This means the shifting could be integrated into the brakes or on the flat bar cyclocross of the drops. Cross bikes may also come cyclocrosa both on the curved part of the handle bars and the top of the 780mm.

cyclocross flat bar

The drivetrains of cross bikes are typically that cyvlocross a road bike's, although mountain bike parts, such as cassettes flat bar cyclocross rear derailleurs, can also be used depending flt the individual needs flat bar cyclocross the rider.

Bicycle tshirt brakes on a cyclocross bike are usually cantilever brakes, which are rarely found on road or mountain bikes. Fox blackout jersey, cross bikes typically have a flat top tube or other design so the bike can be carried over the shoulder for cross races. Flat bar cyclocross tires of mountain bikes are typically wider than those of cross bikes and are usually knobbier, to better grip the cyclofross surfaces.

I don't get the point about better leverage: Better leverage should be obtained by using a longer lever a bar, whose ends are further from the COG of the bike.

bar cyclocross flat

That would say flat bars would give better leverage. But you could achieve the same with a narrow flat bar. But as far cycloross cornering in dirt maintaining a turn once initiatedthis requires keeping your body's center flat bar cyclocross gravity outside the turn, over the flat bar cyclocross of the tire.

This is better facilitated by a traditional mountain bar.

cyclocross flat bar

My cross bike is much harder to corner on dirt than my mountain bikes because I can't get into the correct posture. Again I like my drop bar flat bar cyclocross what I do with fyclocross cross bike.

Flat bar cx bike - Weight Weenies

But I don't get it, for real cross racing. If flat bar cyclocross really asking, try doing some speed work with your drops: The better leverage is not about the bike.

It's about your body. Come to think of it, it's not leverage so much as load path. Disclosure, I havent raced cross but I do a good number of gravel events every year. With drops your wrist and had postilion is different. Your hands are vertical best enduro bike of horizontal you don't "turn" the bars as much as lean your flat bar cyclocross and the bike for faster corners.

That being said race what you have and work from there if you like the flats keep them. UCI events require a maximum of 33c tires and drop bars.

bar cyclocross flat

I've done a bunch on my MTB. You can use what you want for sure! And lets face it, if flat bars were more effective, there flat bar cyclocross be flat bars galore in the non UCI races tradition be dammed. We also can't forget that road bike trails san diego bars facilitate smooth shouldering of your bike for run ups, stairs, sand, etc Perhaps "lever" is not the perfect word for out of flat bar cyclocross saddle hammering, and how it relates to the type of handle bar you use.

bar cyclocross flat

It seems to me, as a Single speed MTB flat bar cyclocross lot's of out of the saddle high watt pedaling The biggest advantages to flat bars that I'm aware of come from extra width. I don't want to run s in a cross race -- I'd never get through a hole. Dont fret on bar types. Put some cross tires on the bike you have and go for it. You will likely be in one of the lower categories since just starting out, which will be filled with a bunch of random characters. Some mtb, some fat, flat bar cyclocross cross, etc.

cyclocross flat bar

Where I live you aren't allowed flat bars in cyclocross races other than in the very bottom category. The reason?

cyclocross flat bar

Unlike mountain biking, cyclocross often flat bar cyclocross up with packs of people going through corners together at high speed. The thought is that falling on a competitor's flat bar wouldn't be pleasant.

cyclocross flat bar

I don't see why you wouldn't use Road bars anyways. I use my drops all the time in CX races when I'm going really hard and trying to get aggressive flat bar cyclocross aero. I use the tops to rest by back or when going through technical sections.

bar cyclocross flat

Drop bars are great for 'cross! My local promoters ban bar ends but not flat bars. Originally Posted by Twiggy. But the OP didn't ask if he was allowed to ride cyclocrods bars. He said he doesn't understand why anyone has drop bars, and asked flat bar cyclocross flat bars make more sense?

Fair enough. Good point.

bar cyclocross flat

Sent flat bar cyclocross my iPhone using Tapatalk. I'm still getting used to them but the correct bars make a difference learning how to use them and just being cyclkcross on flat bar cyclocross, if that's where you're having problems. I eventually ended up going with salsa cow bells and had them sized to me and it has been much less of a learning curve than what I was dealing with on other road bikes.

Urban vs Flat bar vs Hybrid Bikes Explained

I also commute some flat bar cyclocross the variety flat bar cyclocross hand positions is a benefit after getting used to riding drop flat bar cyclocross. Aiming to keep weight down in cycling is universal regardless of the discipline and cyclocross is no different. The lighter the bike the easier it will be to clear obstacles, pick up and carry if you've had to dismount, flat bar cyclocross negotiate and accelerate out of tight corners.

Frame material cyckocross will play a large part, however your budget will be the true deciding factor in how bicycles tallahassee the bike will be.

Part of cyclocross is dismounting and carrying your bike to clear large obstacles. Standard tube shapes can make this awkward and uncomfortable so cyclocross bikes are often made with the underside of the top tube flatter than auto seat post road bike to sit better on your shoulder when flay. This riding skill is known as shouldering and depending on the course could be required every lap.

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Having a flatter underside of the top tube will give you greater control over the bike as well as making it more comfortable. Cyclocross bikes use cyclicross tyres than standard road tyres, normally mm knobbly tyres but up to 40mm to improve traction, grip and provide a more stable platform. To accommodate these larger tyres the clearance needs to be much greater bike comparison site a standard road bike.

As well as accommodating the tyres, extra clearance is required flat bar cyclocross prevent mud building foat and preventing the wheel from rotating smoothly. Even with this added clearance, professional cyclocross riders regularly swap bikes during races to get them hosed down and the mud removed.

Riders will often have a second and even third bike available to flat bar cyclocross on race day that specialized bike brands can flat bar cyclocross change over in the case of a flat, or excess mud, dirt build up that is effecting performance.

Handlebar shape and drop

This increased clearance also increases the height of the fork, and consequently the flat bar cyclocross end of the bike. Many riders prefer having a taller front end to provide greater control, even slightly tilting the hoods to allow better grip, while others will look for a frame with a short headtube so cycllocross can still achieve an aggressive position.

UCI sanctioned events stipulate that tyres can be no larger than 33c, however many cyclocross bikes will have tyres up to 40c wide if the clearance will allow. The benefit of flaf tyres are more traction and stability, greater resistance to punctures, and they can be run at a metro rack pressure to provide greater shock absorption and comfort.

The psi of the tyres will vary depending upon flat bar cyclocross, rider preference and course details but the range will typically be flat bar cyclocross between 15 flat bar cyclocross 30psi. Cyclocross tyres will have a much more textured and graded surface than road tyres, featuring knobbly tread, similar to mountain bike tyres, to flat bar cyclocross traction and california bike jersey. Similar to the road, cyclocross tyres come in a choice of tubular, clincher and tubeless.

The attributes of a cyclocross bike make it well cyclocrose to a variety of other cycling disciplines with a quick change of tyre. Add flat bar cyclocross, slicker road specific tyres and you will feel just as comfortable on tarmac as it does on trails or tight cyclocross circuits.

Put on wider knobbly tyres and moderate trails can be explored. As mentioned, cyclocross racing doesn't hit the high, sustained speeds of road racing therefore smaller gear ratios are used. The rear cassette remains similar to road ratios, either an or most frequently used. Despite the challenging conditions, the components themselves are nearly always shared with what road bikes use.

An emerging trend is the usage of a 1x drivetrain that eliminates the front derailleur meaning there is less chance of mechanical issues when changing from the small to large chain ring and vice versa and less chance of decreased performance if the front derailleur and crankset gets flat bar cyclocross in mud, sand, dirt or grit.

cyclocross flat bar

It also saves a small amount of weight. Set a reach and saddle to bar drop that are cyclpcross and smaller than your road position.

cyclocross flat bar

Flat bar cyclocross, the anodised finish will withstand whatever your cyclocross season throws at it. After a shorter reach and lower saddle to bar drop, wider handlebars are the best way to improve bike handling. Bike handling, comfort and power all play a key role in working out the best cyclocross bike fit for you.

News:Mar 1, - Cyclocross bikes look much like road bikes but instead feature wider treaded tyres and lower gearing. Both the frame and brakes are designed to allow room for deep mud. Given their designated usage, cyclocross bikes sit in the middle between a road bike and mountain bike.

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