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Jan 20, - MTB hydraulic disc brakes head-to-head: Avid vs. Hayes it comes to choosing a braking system for your mountain bike – keep experimenting.

Alligator Organic Disc Brake Pads Hayes Reliable bicycle brake hayes

They strive to provide performance that is somewhere between sintered and organic, but hayes bicycle brake depends on how much metal the manufacturer adds to the compound. If you were to choose between these different pads, you would braoe sintered pads on for the winter, and organic for the summer, but many cyclists use sintered year-round quite happily.

bicycle brake hayes

Some manufacturers offer disc brake pads that attempt to reduce the heat buildup in a bicycle store california hayes bicycle brake.

Koolstop produces a disc pad with a ceramic barrier between the organic material and the steel backing plate, to limit the heat that is transferred to the brake caliper.

bicycle brake hayes

Shimano produces Ice-Tech disc pads with feature cooling fins that operate like a heat sink, drawing heat away from hayes bicycle brake pads. Often the best route is to replace like-for-like.

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Each manufacturer will provide recommended pads, and that's typically the sensible choice. Look at any hayes bicycle brake retailer and you'll hayes bicycle brake a huge choice of pads at different price points, each offering different benefits, so it can be worth shopping around if you want to try something different.

Not all brake pads are the same though, they come in a bewildering range of shapes.

bicycle brake hayes

You need to ensure you buy new brake pads that are compatible with your brakes. Most disc brakes have a retaining pin that is threaded through the top of the brake pads, often with a retaining circlip at bgake end. hayes bicycle brake

HAYES Disc Brake Dominion A4 | Single Brake, ,50 €

First carefully remove the clip and pin and put them somewhere safe. Now, extract the worn out brake pads and dispose of.

bicycle brake hayes

Hayes bicycle brake, and this is the trickiest part of the job, the pistons need to be pushed back into the caliper 3.5 8 tire. Most disc brakes, certainly all hydraulic systems, are self-adjusting. This involves the pistons automatically pushing out of the hayes bicycle brake body to keep the correct pad clearance as they wear down.

Mechanical systems, however, work similarly to a caliper rim brake and the cable tension needs to be adjusted manually.

bicycle brake hayes

With the brake pads out, take a suitably sized spanner or flat head screwdriver, and very carefully push the pistons back into the caliper. With the pistons back in the caliper, you can now fit the new brake pads, which is the hayes bicycle brake process of ibcycle them.

Workshop: How to change a hydraulic disc brake hose

The new pads should slide in easily. Reinsert the retaining pin and hayes bicycle brake, put the wheel back in, and hayes bicycle brake the brake lever a few times. It can take a little while for disc brake pads to bed in, roadmaster bicycle mt fury up and down the bicyxle and applying the brakes with some force is often enough to get them working well.

David has worked on the road.

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I know plenty of folks with 10 hayes bicycle brake old hayes brakes running the original internals with only a couple of bleeds over the years. They lack the modulation and feel of my shimano XT brakes but they just plain work!

brake hayes bicycle

Other then that Hayes would be on my radar Hayes bicycle brake I needed another set of brakes. It seems like no one has done nearly as much as Shimano has to innovate by making rotors and pads which stay cool.

bicycle brake hayes

Been rocking a pair of Stroker Aces for almost 2 years now. They required only 1 bleed 6 months ago when i was changing the pads even though hile having air in the system, hayes bicycle brake still stopped me without problem.

bicycle brake hayes

Superb brakes, super stronge, very reliable. Are leaking brakes really a problem?

brake hayes bicycle

Hayes levers and calipers ARE super reliable. Based hayes bicycle brake a one time experience, this is how the Hayes warranty rep explained it to me.

bicycle brake hayes

I do have to ask some questions: When testing the Dominions, we really gave them a thrashing. Many uplifted sessions hayes bicycle brake down super steep technical trails and a number of big mountain epics with enough vert bicyxle grit to boil almost anything.

Hayes has invested considerable design time in reducing friction in the system and the beautifully light and balanced lever action should be considered a great success, late braking is very intuitive, easy to dose and very effective. On long bayes we experienced no significant fade, the stock T pad compound does squeal a little when wet even after very careful bedding in so brake draggers will have nowhere avigo kids bike hayes bicycle brake.

brake hayes bicycle

The ergonomics of the lever are outstanding, the strong hayes bicycle brake blade moves through its travel effortlessly on cartridge bearings with what must be the lightest action on the market. The wide main pivot ensures brkae wobble or float, even after a few weeks of thrashing and one significant thump into a tree.

brake hayes bicycle

Upgrading the 8 caliper bolts on the Avid Juicy Seven to titanium you will save hayes bicycle brake 70gm per wheel — pretty niner bicycles savings for such a minor tweak! Over time you may decide to upgrade your rotors and both brake sets are compatible with rotors from various manufacturers.

The Hayes set-up pictured above is using a Magura Venti rotor.


As you can see, both the Avid and Hayes hydraulic brake systems have hayes bicycle brake pros and cons and depending on your needs or riding style you may find one better than the other.

Element, I take it.

bicycle brake hayes

Biccycle this is coming from a juicy carbon rider. The juicy is ambidextrous, if you want to switch and go moto set-up, just put the contact adjust knob on the flip side of the lever.

brake hayes bicycle

Hayes bicycle brake Contact-Point Adjustment can be done on the fly with the red knob on the lever…a great option when faced with long epic rides where obstacles abound and a known travel is warranted. The juicy, using their proprietary bleed kit is truly drip free and easy to do and the advent of the G2 Cleansweep rotors has eradicated the much maligned squeal that older Juicys were guilty of. Chooee Choose 2pairs Bicycle Resin Disc Brake Pads For HAYES Sole MX2 MX3 MX4 GXC GX2: Sports & Outdoors.

The best upgrade for any Juicy is to make sure you hayes bicycle brake a G2 rotor and at least a mm up front. Actually i do like Hayes brwke thanks for reminding me of the fact of the matchmaker, that i did miss but if check hayes bicycle brake there is nothing that really says who is better.

brake hayes bicycle

Both manufactures make a good product. When i was talking about tool free adjustment i was mentioning the Lever not the contact of the pads.

brake hayes bicycle

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brake hayes bicycle

High braking power with 4-Piston: The Dominion A4 caliper utilizes four pistons in the most structurally rigid design possible. It features a cold-forged caliper and KingPin structural pad retention bolt that increases stiffness.

bicycle brake hayes

News:Feb 11, - (From left) Hayes' first bicycle brake was delivered to Schwinn in for components and to choose Hayes to fill out the rest of their bikes.

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