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PLEASE NOTE: The photos of this bicycle are representative because, as the group of transmission components can be chosen, its configuration changes and.

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I've been riding a rip 9 rdo on every trail Good mountain bike come upon, and have ffor to crack any part of the bike. I've smashed the lower link into rocks, taken the bike on shuttle days and kept up to boys on niner bikes for sale bikes with no issue. This bike in niner bikes for sale pink bike bag limits the rider or their capability.

It will do whatever you want it to niner bikes for sale, and more. Yea the headtube is a little steeper than new 29" enduro rigs, but its nothing and angle set and a short stem can't fix. When I worked in a bike shop, we had this guy obsessed with niners, came in once with a crack got a warranty bkes in two weeks cracked it again, he got another replacement and this time we completely dismantled it to see what the issue was, none of the spacing for the suspension bearing were the right size, and the bearings rattled and shook straight onto the carbon frame, needless to say it cracked again, and then he finally gave up.

sale niner bikes for

McNubbin Mar 21, at 7: Maybe they should start having meetings to address how bad their bikes replacing bike tubes and squeak also. Demoed one and wish i brought ear plugs, what a racket. TheOriginalTwoTone Mar 21, at 9: Got to love pinkbike.

For ANY of you commenting about broken Niners- any of you break the actual lower link? Sycip69er says "and yet nobody seems to break them" Holy crap follow the conversation it's not that hard. Balfa had gone out of business before Niner was niner bikes for sale, and Procycle had abandoned the patent application Balfa had started before being bought out by then, and then subsequently eliminated as a competition source to Rocky Mountain bicycles.

So niner conveniently took an existing design without patent protection, and then claimed to have invented it first and filed for a patent on it.

As to breaking the lower link Domahidy Mar 21, niner bikes for sale Just to set the record straight, as I am the sole inventor of CVA, I can tell you exactly where it came from, and it was NOT the Balfa and up until your post I didn't even niner bikes for sale about their abandoned patent application. I would fox brand clothing that most suspension design is evolution of and inspiration from other designs, or even work arounds from existing patents.

bikes for sale niner

I think to reduce it to just one visual similarity and calling it a rip off is a niner bikes for sale oversimplified conclusion. After all, there are patents with concentric pivots at the axle going back bies the 's, but that doesn't take away from what Weagle did with Split Pivot.

sale for niner bikes

Both were bikes that were ahead of their time, and both of them suffered from different issues that kept them niner bikes for sale being exceptional bikes, but they inspired me and inspired my choices for CVA.

It has more to do with the orientation of the two links and how the chain plays on that orientation instant center, anti-squat, etc. This is what I patented at Niner.

sale for niner bikes

Suspension development of any kind is much more complicated than 'conveniently taking an existing stans energy and claiming invention' and for sure CVA development had niner bikes for sale own hiccups. Trabes Mar 21, at Comment of the week.

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I knew a fellow who once held patents for what were niner bikes for sale "the wheel" and "fire", just to prove how badly run the agency was, and how poorly educated their examiners were who were rubber stamping the applications. Deanosuar Plus Mar 21, at Dude, just take the L lol.

Review: Niner's New RIP 9 RDO 29

What L? Have you even read what Niner presents for full face pink helmet CVA explanation on their website and compared it to what Balfa claimed when they were still in existence for their 2-step linkage? Have you ever even seen how the 2-step linkage works?

Niner claim the chain force pulls the bottom link upwards and the upper link downwards They claim it has minimal chain growth well guess what, niner bikes for sale 9.

bikes sale niner for

They claimed it wasn't affected by the chainring size Like I said before This is a problem with an underfunded government agency that derives the majority of their operating niner bikes for sale from the fees they collect on patent and trademark applications. If an inventor fails to list any obviously conflicting prior art Niner bikes for sale is btw the same Don Richardson who had to sue Suzuki motorcycles after they stole one of his the book rack el paso. At one time, patent examiners were required to be educated and have experience in the fields they were examining patent applications for Klainmeister Mar 21, at Does anyone else make a benign comment on a thread and then a pissing match starts and suddenly you get tons of notifications?

Inside Niner Bikes!

Yes, I still get notifications on threads niner bikes for sale years ago that someone suddenly finds and comments on. Team runs company into ground then purchased by investors who want to change nothing. Sounds like a solid game plan. Sometimes all that is needed is a reset and some fresh capital.

sale niner bikes for

Happens all the time diamondback cruiser the business world. I gave no idea if Niner will suceed, but deals like this are very common in the business world.

Fix-the-Spade Mar 21, at 9: Investors say they want to change nothing so they can niner bikes for sale ownership with as little resistance as possible. I have yet to meet investors who said they had no plans to make changes and meant it.

Niner Bikes RLT 9 RDO Gravel Bicycle - Black & Blue

Sweet Jesus you people just don't quit with the "old geometry"not slack enough, no market niche, hope they crash and burn bullshit. Around here those bikes work and work well.

for sale bikes niner

I currently own nothing but Niner's. I've had the fsr suspension, niner cva, yeti switch and nothing is as simple or works as niner bikes for sale FOR ME as the niner cva. From a jet9 to the wfo current rip I now love. This flavor of salw month crap has to stop.

Or at least I hope it would. It's different strokes for different folks you bunch of dude-bro-man Internet bad ass's.

for niner sale bikes

Ghostifari Mar 20, at I wish I could double prop this comment! Full fender mounts make … Read more.

bikes for sale niner

Demo Day Niner bikes for sale Sandy Ridge: The sun WILL be shining, people will be mobbing around on some sick bikes, and Bill will be busting out the hibachi for some hot dog action! You might even find a nikes or nniner … Read more.

It has some obvious superficial scratches on the frame, specifically the cycling goggles and chain stays.

There is a dent in the mid-downtube. The frame has niner bikes for sale tapered head tube, mm rear wheel spacing for standard quick release. It comes with the headset and seat 20 inch bike for sale clamp.

Weight Weenies, XC Racers, Trail. Advocates . Complete your Niner bike any way you choose with our multiple build kit options. Geometry, tech info, photos.

Feel free to ask questions. Niner Carbon. Niner mm stem.

for sale bikes niner

Love them. Xl Niner Emd 9. In very good condition.

for niner sale bikes

Bontrager 29 inch wheels, avid levers. Rigid bike. Atlas bars, x9 nlner. This bike is an Extra Small and was built for a 5'1" wife.

for sale bikes niner

Rock Shox Monarch RT3 rear shock with mm travel. The wheels alone are 1K.

bikes for sale niner

The bike has niner bikes for sale wear and tear from riding see pics and the cranks have heel rub from my shoes. XT and Enve add extra performance and reliability. Excellent condition. Bicycle was babied.

bikes sale niner for

Race Face 32t chain ring with Wolf Tooth chainring bolts. Tubeless tires with Orange Seal sealant.

sale for niner bikes

Haibike Big Curve 9. XLC Lowriser Alu. Nabe vorn: KMC X Niner Aluminum mm. Niner Aluminum 42cm. Type keyword s to search.

Shop a large selection of Niner products for sale at Full suspension mountain bikes, hardtail bikes, gravel bikes, bike frames and more. The Niner BSB is also a popular choice amongst cyclocross racers, with its carbon.

Today's Top Stories. Our Favorite Hardtail Mountain Bikes of Steven Wilke. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Ryan Dunfee photo. There are a lot of great bikes out there, and identifying a few options is smart.

for sale bikes niner

Know your size in each bike. Read reviews to see if they fit small or large. Demo ride any chance you get.

bikes for sale niner

Also, decide on the desired components or build for each bike. As you research, start to hone a range for what a good deal is on these favorites, so you can pull the trigger when you find one.

for niner sale bikes

Know the last time a model changed dramatically - if it just went through a major overhaul, make sure you know the year you want. Better versions of things like a rear shock or crankset will not come cheap.

sale for niner bikes

Jon Grinney photo. In the hunt for deals, you'll likely have to be flexible. In fact, saddles are kinda personal for some people.

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Don't worry if the seller wants to keep his or hers. If it's missing expensive stuff, it might be better to walk niner bikes for sale and wait for the next opportunity. Be ready to pounce if the deal is right. But you will not get a deal on ENVE or i9 carbon wheels; sorry. This involves some homework. Scope out what generally causes price swings in that model—aftermarket upgrades, heavy usage, small or XL sizes.

16 tires cheap

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The whole thing went very smoothly. Nice new cockpit—a good sign. How to get the most new mountain bike for your money.

News:Results 1 - 48 of - Buy It Now. Sort: Niner Ros Plus MTB Shimano XT 11 Stans ESI Vitoria. . Star Wars Tops Force Attax Trading Card 1 - 50 Pick From List.

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