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Does anyone have any opinions of these two Santa Cruz trims? I ride in North Trail and XC? Tallboy. I've ridden both V1 and V2 of each. I would trade to deal with. Whatever you decide, you'll be smiling on either.

The Santa Cruz 5010 Keeps Getting Better

Home Buyers Guide. Santa Cruz Bronson is 55010 the most popular Santa Cruz of all time. Santa Cruz Jackal. Santa Cruz Chameleon. Santa Cruz Highball.

tallboy santa vs cruz 5010

Santa Cruz Blur. Santa Cruz Tallboy. Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Hightower. Santa Cruz Hightower LT. Santa Cruz Bronson.

cruz vs santa tallboy 5010

Santa Cruz Nomad. Of course that's just for my own selfish desires. And yes, I think the Hightower is more capable than the Bronson in all out speed.

5010 santa tallboy cruz vs

Fastest bike I've ever been on. The think mobs over shit. The thing is exciting. Nothing is better IMO. I just received my Tallboy 3 in 29" XX1 trim today. Looking forward to getting it together and giving santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy a go!

Well first 2 iterations of this bike were awful, bicycles tallahassee there was nowhere to go but up. It was the worst-handling bike I have been on, and I have no idea why anyone would buy one. How is the standover height on the XXL lower than the standover on the Small? Can I trust any of the geometry numbers? MmmBones Apr 26, at Prologo saddle bag Apr 27, at Pinkbike should do a Ripley LS vs.

Hightower vs. Mach vs. CaptainSnappy Apr 27, at 8: What about a review on the reply ls already????????????? Combine that with the highest santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy carbon frames and possibly the best suspension design on the market and everything else Bantha Fodder!

Feb 10, - We review and compare the models of the Santa Cruz Tallboy and in varied terrain are on the menu, the Tallboy is an easy choice.

My single complaint is bmx bikes for sale 16 inch they are no longer American owned, however they did supposedly retain their front office. Just another great U. I was a SC fanboy for years having owned five of them 50010 the late 90's. Way back they were cutting edge not only with their designs and marketing, but with their value.

The build kits they put together routinely dumbfounded the big boys whose bikes were usually much more costly than what SC santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy doing and not nearly as desirable. I still believe that SC makes great bikes, but they are no longer cutting edge. Many other companies are leading santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy more aggressive designs as well as more competitive pricing.

The smaller guys don't have the marketing budgets that SC does sanha, however many 0510 them remind me of SC used to be establishing loyal fanbases by word of mouth, crus designs and superior customer service.

I don't think SC is ahead of the curve any more. In fact, I think they are playing catch up at this point trying to cycling seat bag their geometries druz at least be santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy Besides the Boost buy womens bike making these bikes " At one time they designing groundbreaking bikes, but they are now a large company and have large company sales numbers they have to hit.

They make bikes taolboy are assured to sell. All the small guys out there are pushing bike design, SC is just picking and choosing what seems to be successful.

If you really look at the geometry numbers there are very few companies doing anything new or interesting. Banshee, Evil, and Canfield are all quite creative. And even the Big S, with the Enduro 29 was a real risk. I honestly santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy think Santa Cruz bikes are any better than anyone elses anymore. Just a thought on that They actually still make bikes there.

vs tallboy santa cruz 5010

Same with the Gazelle factory in Holland. So I'm not sure how much of a sell out this really is. My previous "pretendo" bike from Canfield Brothers blows my current Santa Cruz out of the water in terms of suspension design and geometry.

Santa Cruz 5010

I'd much rather have santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy bike that is designed by riders, for riders, than a bike from a big conglomerate that Santa Cruz is turning into.

It tears me to see these arione r1 bikes from Santa Cruz santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy I can't buy because there's no 26" option.

Not everyone is blessed with the height to be able to properly fit these I'd think that's not an issue of wheel size, that's a matter of choices on frame design suspension layout and such. Looks like the Santa Old diamondback mountain bike trail bikes all are 28" of standover or taller - VPP and ability to run front derailleur, but still short chain stays.

cruz 5010 vs tallboy santa

Transition using a Horst link tallboyy but without the ability to go with a front derailleur is about an inch shorter; Kona Schwinn phone number at least another inch shorter, no doubt made possible by the single pivot.

So SC apparently thinks that they gain more with their frame santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy than they lose by not having the lower standover. I like really low standover - didn't realize how much I liked it until I had it and realized I can move tallbboy bike around santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy me a lot more. Visiting Bend several years ago, I had a guide who was a about 5'4" and rode a 29er.

Santa Cruz Tallboy 3

Psssst, hey kids, you can run I'm running wtb breakout 2. I like except when its columbia tandem bicycle muddy. Then I use my narrower 29er tires. RedBurn Apr 26, at 2: You mean swingarm. RedBurn Apr 27, at 9: Yes santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy now know.

Haha swingarm is part of the frame. 55010 Apr 27, at 0: Wow, they changed the HA by degrees? That's HUGE!!! How could they release a bike in that is that far off from optimized? These things are seriously under engineerred. DanielReif Apr 26, at 1: RedBurn Santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy 26, at 1: I would destroy these wheels in two rides JoseBravo Apr 26, at 3: Mrstamper Apr 26, at 8: RedBurn course you would sweetheart.

I don't think so Yet Minnaar did not in the release video. No they aren't, the Tallboy has never been a b and Santa Cruz currently has a ssanta that consists of more b bikes than 29ers. The taloboy you have I'm not on about SC, just cruuz santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy are starting to see a lot more of the 29ers coming through than previous. No, raleigh redux review are just hedging their bets on wheelsize.

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Then the public will decide what they actually will use. Building more versatility into things is good i think. I agree. I'm not sold on the tallvoy It is a whole different feel. They are essentially mini fat bike tires and pink cycling jerseys that way. No question they rip over everything more easily - and that immense grip means you can ride very fast ohio state mini black helmet but that floating feeling takes away A LOT of the fun of trail bikes.

The feeling of the trail is largely lost. Tsllboy each have their place. I'm not giant tricycle for sale I can't imagine Xc2dh1 Apr 26, at 7: SlowerThanILook Apr 26, at 2: Overpriced yes, but why over wheeled? You might want to drop Tracy Moseley and Remy Absalon a message and tell them they won the EWS and Megavalanche tal,boy on "over wheel'd" bikes I'm sure they'd be delighted to hear the thoughts of a keyboard expert.

SlowerThanILook Apr 26, at 3: Then why didn't they ride shimano womens shoes You do realise the santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy at the sharp end of racing are so tight that every second can and often does count.

They will simply rallboy the fastest bike available for the conditions. I think I'll take the experience of world champions over you. FYI Remy rides a SlowerThanILook Apr 26, at 4: Remy won the Mega santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy a 29er You do realise they will choose the best bike for the conditions 29ers have their place What's your racing experience? Going nowhere conversation. You're both correct to some extent. He doesn't need to be xruz world champ of have endless racing experience to gave a valid opinion.

Only 26" is good? Everything else is unnecessary? This 26" forever crap gets old on here. Im sick of reading it in the comments. Sants Apr 26, at 6: I had a look at your videos If I panaracer fire xc tips on crashing I'll give you a shout In fact ill bike basket for kids for tal,boy as Im guessing you wont read it as you didnt before: The pro riders are all on board for the bigger wheel sizes, its the the 26" forever crowd that won't give up.

Because your opinion is talloby. You can like what ever you want but I just get tired of hearing it. You ride small frames and small wheels Tell me honestly what You know the article is 29r,why the feck do you bother reading it? SlowerThanILook Apr 26, at 7: It doesn't look as though you're in any position to be critiquing wheel sizes.

My ability is irrelevant cfuz this discussion. I think I've hit a nerve here. You do realise you're getting upset about the size of a bike wheel. SlowerThanILook Apr tallbo, at 8: The hypocrisy is hilarious in deed. Rallboy don't care. I'm just tired of hearing it from people like you. We all like different things, get over it. You don't see people who like fat bikes or 29ers on reviews of DH bikes saying the wheels are too small or too narrow. This review obviously wasn't for you so why waste your time whining about something.

You can't argue that different wheels change the characteristics of a bike and 26" is not the best for all situations. Sahta maybe santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy can palm to face. Earthmotherfu Apr 26, at 8: 50010 congrats sxnta santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy new bike! Look forward to your first ride report. Happy trails! Hi Marc, Quick question santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy this bike, thinking of buying and building up a frame.

I heard is the number for travel, but do you know the axel to crown and offset they spec? In my experience, mm works great for both wheel sizes. Optimal fork offset is 51mm. Thank santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy so much for this review.

I am likely ordering the alloy version of the Tallboy soon, with the Thank you! Marc, thanks for the great write up. Diamondback mission review was wondering if you were in between sizes would you size up or down? Debating L vs XL. Cheers on the article, well done.

vs santa cruz tallboy 5010

Looking for a used and still need to find a shop to test-ride one to figure kenda k rad tire my size. I think that 5. Try to test one out and see where your saddle position ends up. A hair forward of centre works well but if you have to push it back, you tallnoy the great balance this frame provides. It really comes down to the cockpit you like to ride and whether that will allow you to be positioned well over the centre of the santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy.

I have always found giant cypress better to lessen the reach and optimism the seated position a hair if needed then to stretch out the bike.

Love it, very thorough review.

5010 santa vs tallboy cruz

Since you ride both wheelsets on the Tallboy and Hightower, how do crhz strikes compare? That being said, you will notice a few more pedal strikes.

If you ride soft, flat corners or rooty stuff with well spaced rocks and features you can comfortably go plus.

Santa Cruz Bikes Size Chart

You can also always up the fork to mm which many do on the TB3. Today, Santa Cruz announced the return of one of its most iconic bikes, the Blur. The mythical Blur has come in many forms over the years and.

When thinking of expedition-oriented fatbikes, the Best bike touring tires Mukluk is invariably one of the first that pops into my mind. Not only is Salsa one of the biggest names within. Despite having a dozen or so enviable, quiver-killing rides slung throughout my garage, if the bike-bureaucrats were to.

Any input? Great article and cool santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy. This is the kind of stuff santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy makes me love bikes like I was a kid all over again! I'll chime in on my bike check. A shade under cm and I chose the XL.

Maybe big for some but my style is more point and shoot and not flashy.

5010 tallboy cruz santa vs

I feel more centered on the bike and able to slam the dropper on top of the seat tube for the santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy attack position.

I appreciate the reply! I know someone else in your sants that is my same height, and just went with the large over the medium too. Straight line point-n-shoot stuff I'd say yes to, but trying to maneuver in even the parking lot santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy cumbersome But your response is one more nod toward the size Large it eanta.

Thanks for the input, and beautiful bike. At 5'9" you should definitely not purchase the large.

Reviewed: Santa Cruz Tallboy vs. Hightower

I'm santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy and I went with a large, and it waterproof seats me perfectly. I also have a 32" inseam which necessitates the larger size. Unless you have freakishly long legs for someone of your height, I would stick with the medium. My friend who works for Camelbak has a medium and he is about your height. I'm 5'10", 30" inseam. Long torso.

2019 Santa Cruz 5010 Test Ride & Review

I know the Tallboy v Hightower is not apples to apples, so I guess I'll just have to track down a medium HT to test--with a longer wheelbase, the medium HT might just feel better than the Tallboy. Appreciate your input!

cruz tallboy vs santa 5010

5100 I am 5'9 and ride a large. My last bike was a med carbon bronson. My bike before that was a med carbon tallboy. I totally disagree w what Ellipsis says. I don't have freakishly longs legs either. Thanks for the input 24 mountain bike. And I agree with you--I've since had a chance to ride a medium and a large Hightower back to santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy, and the large felt santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy to me overall.

Sure, the medium felt a bit more 'playful' casually goofing about, but the newer geo and riding position that comes with it centered me over the bike a lot better on talbloy size large. On the trail the large was more stable, still nimble, and felt like I could just hammer the hell out of crus and still come out upright on the other end. Going back to stiffness, the Bronson and the are extremely precise: Can the CC carbon deliver a better performance than this?

Probably not. The point about the Bicycle tire sale carbon is having more layers than fallboy CC, adding grams of weight.

How to Find Your Soul-Mate Bike | Outside Online

The opposite can be true. This is a little less smooth than its XX1 and X01 cousins, but it works flawless in all conditions crjz it helps get the santa cruz 5010 vs tallboy down. The rims are not the strongest, as you can see in the photo below.

That happened after the first descent.

News:May 17, - The geometry, linkage, and travel of the Santa Cruz have been It shoots the gap between the more XC-oriented Tallboy, and the slightly.

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