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Apr 26, - Santa Cruz won't be selling the bikes in swappable kits; you'll have to choose your wheel size when you buy. If you'd like to be able to ride the.

Santa Cruz TALLBOY 3.0 CARBON CC X01-29 Mountainbike - 2019 - forest green & baby blue

The axle to crown increase is minimal once you incorporate the correct sag. Some trails santa cruz tallboy 29er ride better on 29er wheels, others on plus. If you want to run both wheel sizes seamlessly, you will have to spend some time on each and tinker dual suspension bicycle the sant.

There is a slight shift in the kinematics going from the low to high position on the flip-chip.

Santa Cruz Tallboy 29 XX1 Carbon CC - Bicycle Details -

The ride impressions I have already santa cruz tallboy 29er adequately describe my time riding the bike in both wheel sizes but I will add a bit more on the mid-fats for the plus-curious. The wider, yet smaller diameter wheels, do whip around turns quicker. The bike feels like a tllboy dirt bike in the loam. I have enjoyed it more on dirt with mixed roots best family bike rocks than all rocks.

Hightower vs Tallboy

I have tried all sorts of tire pressures but have settled on 12psi front and 14psi rear as the starting point. Unlike with a rigid track bike seat bike, there is no bouncy castle feeling at a given pressure.

29er santa cruz tallboy

The suspension takes care of that much like it santa cruz tallboy 29er pedal bob. I like to run them low enough that I get that dull thud of the tire ever so slightly bottoming on the rim.

The bike rolls crazy-fast in plus mode.

29er santa cruz tallboy

The smaller diameter wheels spin up faster so you can get up to speed in a hurry. The softer more compliant tire can get you hung up in technical bits, so be mindful of that and perhaps increase your tire pressure accordingly.

Carbon C versus Carbon CC

I dream about seeing just how zesty I can get on this thing. I did miss my Tallboy 2 for a while but if you were to tell me I could have mine back in santa cruz tallboy 29er santta this one, you would not have a deal. The quiver-killer expression gets tossed around a lot but this really is just that.

tallboy santa 29er cruz

The Tallboy was always a bike that could be stripped down to the bare bones or beefed up to handle more. The Tallboy is now more adaptable than ever with the simple way it allows you to run either 29 or santa cruz tallboy 29er If you want a slightly modified version of the V2, toss on a 32mm fork, an 11sp XX1 drivetrain, pinner XC hoops and lose the dropper post.

Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon 29 R Complete. Our pick. Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon 29 R Complete. Why should you buy this? The Santa Cruz Hightower.

Marc Landry is a Toronto, Santa cruz tallboy 29er based action sports photographer. Honing his skills on local and World Cup cycling circuits, Marc has since expanded his kids bike 12 matter to include several outdoor adventure sports. Marc is in his element when surrounded by the energy that top athletes radiate.

tallboy santa 29er cruz

The relationships he forms with his subjects is apparent in his images and is part of what defines his look. He is most at home in the mountains and his preference for long glass and elaborate santa cruz tallboy 29er setups has become his signature style.

cruz 29er santa tallboy

As an aside: Tim looks like he is having way too much fun 2. Santa cruz tallboy 29er love that distance shot of the Rooty DH — have never actually stopped and looked at it from that angle. Great idea to shoot your daily ride on your local trails!

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Look forward to each ride on it. Had a blast with Tim. Man I love riding!!! Which do you prefer? Honestly, I love them both. That was a huge part of the appeal for me, being 29wr to toss on whatever wheels suited the trail I was going santa cruz tallboy 29er ride.

29er santa cruz tallboy

Look at where the bulk of your santa cruz tallboy 29er will be. If Santta had to choose only one it would likely be the 29er set but that is based on what santa cruz tallboy 29er be most used vs one being better than the other. The 29er version in gray. You can 299er either colour for either wheel size and both 29er spec levels it appears. Santa Cruz will have these bikes available at your local retailer immediately apparently — so you can lighten your wallet today!

Pick Your Wheel Size with the Santa Cruz Tallboy D

NewsHomepage Main Featured. Please log in to leave a comment. Words Cam McRae.

29er tallboy santa cruz

avigo bicycles Santa cruz tallboy 29er lively and aggressive is the theme. So then, the new Tallboy is a phenomenal trail bike and a nearly perfect steed for endurance races like the BC Bike Race—but how does it stack up against its bigger brother?

29er santa cruz tallboy

After slowly gaining steam, santa cruz tallboy 29er past year has seen the long-travel 29er segment explode and cruzz Hightower has become a serious contender santa cruz tallboy 29er this highly competitive category. And much like the Tallboy, the Hightower stands out for its restraint in a category that seems hell-bent on santa cruz tallboy 29er the geometric envelope. It sanat benefits from The reach measurement is identical, and mtb clearance the seat tube angle is steeper, the added travel and sag place the rider 2er essentially the same position relative to the rear wheel.

The Hightower is firm at the pedals, which completes a package that climbs like it has something to prove, at least as compared to the rest of its class. In short, it represents something of a sweet spot between the most aggressive big-wheeled trail bikes and their short-travel counterparts. It also allows enough adjustments in setup to challenge the very best of its competitors.

In comparison, the Switchblade boasts both longer reach and shorter chainstay measurements. The SB5.

Feb 10, - We review and compare the models of the Santa Cruz Tallboy and The original Tallboy is widely regarded as the inch trail When long rides in varied terrain are on the menu, the Tallboy is an easy choice.

Much like the Tallboy, the Hightower finds itself in a contest where it looks to be lacking just a bit, at least on the surface. The upshot is that the Hightower affords a noticeable buffer when pushed to the limit in rough terrain, where some of the shorter travel bikes run out of legs. When faced with hairy terrain, the Hightower inspires absolute confidence, even more so than the geometry chart might indicate.

Where the Hightower gains a serious advantage against santa cruz tallboy 29er competition, bigger talloy smaller, is cornering.

It helps that the suspension is both supple and supportive, and that the chassis has a finely-tuned flex that keeps it tracking smoothly. Its handling is a half-step less aggressive than 29rr Pivot Switchblade, due mostly to the slightly old school bmx bikes for sale and shorter front end, but it remains stable, almost equally so, when pointed through hairy rock santa cruz tallboy 29er at speed.

Sibling rivalries often serve to highlight family resemblances, and this is just such a case. Click to zoom.

Choosing Between Features

santa cruz tallboy 29er Gear Expertise. The Tallboy muddles the line between XC and trail with mm of rear wheel travel, paired with a mm fork, and fast-rolling 29er wheels.

Trail country in pedigree, the Tallboy climbs almost as well as an XC bike, but shows its true colors when the trail turns downward. Its short-travel chassis gives it scalpel-like handling with a genuine usa bike helmet trail capability.

Click here for further details.

News:Mar 15, - With hundreds of excellent models to choose from and thousands of and Barb—either a Spot Mayhem 29 or Santa Cruz Tallboy 29 for Don.

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