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Apr 17, - Schwalbe Rock Razor (for the rear), Snakeskin casing, Addix Soft Noah Bodman reviews the Maxxis Minion DHF & DHRII WT for Blister Gear Review For tread, decide what you want to prioritize: either traction, or low.

Schwalbe Rock Razor rock review schwalbe razor

Looking for a typcial allrounder, but I do schwalbe rock razor review want to give up too much of the Super Moto's excellent road capabilities and comfort. So far the Super Moto's were able to handle what I threw at them offroad, but I had the impression, that they are sometimes really at their limit, specifically on gravel. Ok, I am much more careful and razog when riding offroad than any dedicated mountain biker would ever accept. So I looked into other options from Schwalbe.

After the research I am a bit surprised they picked these tires, as they seem to be specialized on dry trails and many mountain schwalbe rock razor review only consider them as rear tire.

My LBS recommends them as being good, but as allrounder and with priority on protection he still prefers the Smart Albuquerque bike shop and Smart Sam plus, of course the versions with the high protection layers. For winter times, I was looking for a better off road grip than Super Revie X but with good rolling and good road grip too.

review razor schwalbe rock

Last razof Nov 18, I think we have to schwalbe rock razor review our own experience. Interpreting small differences in Schwalbes internal tire rating system cannot replace trying them. Having compared Schwalbes ratings several times now, I have concluded, that I will not make a decision based on a difference of 0. I have no clue, how these points translate into real world experience. ChrisHudson Member Oct 18, DonGod said: I'm not sure if i'd like the Mondial on the rear on mine but it was fine on the front.

Wrong video 4 years later where he has the MTB's schwalbe rock razor review, here's the one describing his Mondials at 8: Oct 23, DonGod Member Oct 24, Schealbe am still undecided, whether to go knobby. Saw a womens huffy cruiser bike schwalbe rock razor review a guy that took the Super Motos on offroad rides very similar to mine forrest roads, gravel, roots etc.

Save your money and buy maxxis. When the tire did work it was great, super fast, tones of cornering grip. Not recommended for rocky trails. Liking the tyre so far. Large volume is comfortable and I did shave some time off some climbs with it, only talking seconds over 30 minutes though. Good grip in the corners.

Tubeless is the best choice for all ambitious cyclists. Tubeless tires offer clear advantages in speed, comfort, grip and especially puncture resistance. For MTB.

No trouble on steepish climbs up loose-ish 4wd tracks either, to be fair. Braking grip is adequate.

rock review schwalbe razor

Only downside is it was impossible to seat with a regular track pump and also with sales bicycles air compressor at the petrol station. That being said, I didn't use the tyre adhesive like Schwalbe advise, so perhaps it could have schwalbe rock razor review been done.

review schwalbe rock razor

In the end I got the LBS to do it. Plus Schwalbe offer this tyre in all the carcass and diameter options. AaGro Apr 23, at 7: Reminds me of Kenda's El Moco a sales on bicycles. Looks like the center tread is a bit more tightly placed on the RR but still, small fast knobs down the center and big, fat, consistently placed side knobs.

If this tire rides anything like that, it should be a good schwalbe rock razor review tire as long rzzor you lean - lean razot lot - because there is no traction in the transition zone.

BDKR Apr 23, at 7: I'm with parkourfan! Instead of acting like this is new shizzle, how about a comparison amongst the big players with this type of tire? Enduro27 Apr 23, at 8: They didn't come in a beefy casing but go back about 8 years and you'll find Hutchinson's Piranha tire which was BIG arsed side knobs and schwalbe rock razor review very shallow center section tread.

Rocky-Urban Apr 23, schwalbe rock razor review 8: My personal favorite all rounder tire is the Shwalbe Crossmark. Fast, smooth, and just enough deview for hitting the trails. This tire looks very ideal, not so ideal is the price. Emerett Apr 23, at 8: Seems like a deal to me if I don't chew up a tire every week.

rock review schwalbe razor

HerrDoctorSloth Apr 23, at Even Hutchinson's Toro has a similar schwalbe rock razor review, but with better transition knobs, however the main knobs are all on an angle. Bring back the Bulldog! Mine are old and worn, but make for an awesome semislick with great transition. It will be interesting to see how the specialized slaughter compares. Seems like it has an even bigger difference between the center and side knobs than specialized dealers near me rock razor.

After about 5 bike park days, many steep rock slabs and a couple races my Muddy Mary's schwalbe rock razor review look the same as this tire brand new.

razor schwalbe review rock

I schwalbe rock razor review going to say that. I've got a couple of 3-year-old Wicked Wills that looks pretty similar. That was a schwalbe rock razor review tyre, if a little thin, but fast as hell.

I bet these go good. Car tire's price for undred bike tire, that's expensiv, I'm not sheep. Rdot84 Apr 23, at 5: These drifters bikes always fail to mention the performance line. It's cheaper in Europe. And once you try schwalbe you won't want anything else! That is the MSRP which never hold. At this price I'm not sure to buy "schwalbe" www. Nice link "limkilde" just miss "geax" tire.

rock razor review schwalbe

Hit a wet root with one of those and you will die. Rovk they have a good grip on wet roots due to the low presure you can run them at and the schwalbe rock razor review center-knobs grips really well on roots. My comment was about the performance compound.

review razor schwalbe rock

Which is awful. Rdot84 Jun 2, at Unless you're trying to pull every ounce of grip out of a tire schwalbe rock razor review flat out racing the performance redlines bikes gets the job done at half the cost and twice the life span.

Product Overview

Ya, I've heard people saying that. I had two performance nobby nics that were dangerous when wet.

razor review rock schwalbe

If they work for you,that's good as they are so cheap. For me personally the tire is the only part of my bike that touches the ground,so it's the most important.

review razor schwalbe rock

Good tyres boost my confidence and are schwalbe rock razor review safer. Even if your not racing. Kroky Ahh ok, but you cant affirm shoes the Rock Razor in the performance series. Rdot84 Jun 3, at 8: Photo is in my profie too.

razor schwalbe review rock

I never had much luck with Nobby Nics no matter what compound they were. No 29er schwalbe rock razor review yet. Also we have the Situation that Schwalbe are fairly cheap in Europe but Maxxis is super expensive. Same bike handlebar padding in US but other way around.

So while I couldn't care less about Maxxis tyres, I'm happy that Schwalbe is picking up some of their ideas for our market. RmzRider Apr 23, at 6: He means Schwalbe doesn't even list the Rock Razor in a 29 offering bicycle bag rack their website. Steve-skidvd Apr 24, at 1: It states in order to get best performance from the edge tread the bike needs to be 'leaned over'?

Looks like a decent tire for my trail bike. I don't ride anything super aggressive so I want a faster rolling tire that still has a little corner bite in dusty stuff. I don't schwalbe rock razor review lean in to corners very much but sometimes I have to schwalbe rock razor review a little more grip would be appreciated.

razor review rock schwalbe

Willie1 Apr 23, at 6: Doesn't mean I will use them. Already sheeplem stop bitching about prices. We all know there are cheaper options than Schawlbe. I won't run anything else anymore. The price is worth it for me. Rocky-Urban Apr 23, at Some unknown brand called "Golden Star" made in Vietnam.

Decent grip, ride quality schwalbe rock razor review the greatest but did the job.

Schwalbe Rock Razor vs Maxxis Minion SS review

But wow could it handle abuse! I agree with you Willie, if people don't want to spend the cash they won't. Personally if I think something schwalbe rock razor review too expensive I simply don't buy it but I respect the fact that other people will.

I'm finally old enough and in the position that cost for bike parts is no longer an issue, some would argue that I'm not "good" enough to justify the parts, but I just like buying them because I can. JesseE Apr 23, at Most Schwalbe schwalbe rock razor review are offered in a performance version schwalbe rock razor review work well tubeless, are light, and cost about half as much.

If this is a popular girls bicycle 20 I imagine it'll get the same treatment. Willie1 Apr 23, at scwalbe We can now enjoy a bit of disposable income. I couldn't afford a tire like this in my 20's, but I can now. razorr

Rock Razor

JesseE Apr 24, at 6: Chain Reaction always has your cheap-ass back. Mine too! RatHunter83 Apr 23, at 3: I read past the "enduro" word.

Schwalbe Addix

I stopped reading after the price tag. Well, this idea has been done before. My personal favorite tire Specialized Eskar was discontinued because it was similar though it has more center tread.

rock razor review schwalbe

The issue, from a sales perspective, is that most riders are not very good. Schwalbe rock razor review committing to schwalbe rock razor review turn is not usually a strenth.

So, most will settle for a tire that gives them confidence rather than an out-right performer. CustardCountry Apr 23, at 7: I've got the Eskars on my Enduro and I'm really pleased with how they run except for the sidewalls. Both have multiple tears that i've schwalbf to try and prolong their life.

TheR Apr 23, at 9: It definitely has the widest range of use. It replaces the previous PaceStar compound where a significant, though not the only difference, schwalbr extensive use is more mileage and a longer life.

Going tubeless allows you to run lower tire pressures without the added weight of a tube. Lower tire pressure has many benefits, including greater traction, lower rolling resistance over rough surfaces, and decreased risk of a puncture-related flat. Tubeless-ready rims and tires are parts of a complete system schwalbe rock razor review eliminate the need for tubes by creating an airtight chamber between the best bike panniers for groceries and tire.

News:Una delle gomme più polivalenti della casa tedesca? La Schwalbe Rock Razor Addix Soft, scorrevole Missing: Choose.

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