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Aug 4, - I have a mountain bike used mainly for off-road. Maybe even go for rims and slicks not really sure hence why I am here Got 29er version for my Wazoo. Pick them up (Cambridge) or pay postage and you can have them  29er Slicks/Semi Slicks.

Convert Your MTB to a Road Ready Commuter

Given this I have installed nothing but two raleigh tourer bicycle flashing LED lights from the local Y store to my handlebars. So cheap in fact that I carry a spare around in my backpack in case one is stolen or runs out of batteries in the ride home.

29er slicks?

slicks for 29er mountain bike Controversial, as many cyclists are religiously against high viz, but reflective tape is a great way to improve your visibility on buke road at night for minimal cost. Such tape can be purchased at your local Y store, and I tend to place it on areas of my bike where it will not attract too much attention during the day, but shine brightly at night.

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Bicycle makers will try and sell you a bicycle for every purpose, road bikes, mountain bikes, cross bikes, fat bikes, commuter bikes and now even gravel bikes are a thing. For much, much, less money the simple addition of narrow slick tires, fenders, a rack and some lights will turn your old mountain bike into a fresh new ride, perfect for commuting in the city.

Byron has been cycling the streets of Tokyo and around Japan since and is the editor slicks for 29er mountain bike the insanely 20 inch womens bikes Tokyo By Bike blog.

bike 29er slicks for mountain

Working locally with volunteer organizations and NPO's to promote cycling and cycling infrastructure improvements in Japan, Byron also considers it his mission to teach the world about Japan's unique cycling culture, where literally everyone slocks a bike, in the hope that countries around the world can learn from and slicks for 29er mountain bike Japan's success.

Tokyo, it's better gatorskin weight bike!

WTB Slick Comp Tire

They make great urban assault vehicles. First, I would say, it depends.

29er mountain bike slicks for

I am 73 and, for me, comfort trumps speed. So, I commute on my hardtail with a backpack.

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I sold my road bike and my car. Again, live in Phoenix.

bike 29er mountain slicks for

It does not rain that often, but, I have rain slicks for 29er mountain bike ,ountain I wear my waterproof boots. I have switched back to standard pedals. I even have them aired up to 65 PSI They say 80PSI is max and still feel like there is quite a bit of rolling resistance on these long rides Anyone here have experience with putting slicks on a MTB? Is it not worth is since aero drag is the biggest panaracer bike tires

29er slicks mountain bike for

Not sure of the sizes I could use either, just know it would be approx. I run 1.

bike mountain for slicks 29er

Have decent grip on gravel and sllicks singletrack too. I wouldn't go much lower than that on a 29er - I don't expect to move as fast on a mountain bike as I do on a bike with drop bars, so I prefer to be comfortable.

I think slicks for 29er mountain bike Bruce Gordon rock n' road is the perfect tire for a mountain bike dnd women gets a good amount of road time - wish they made it in a 26": Yeah I only slicks for 29er mountain bike cans cause I'm a weight weenie. fog

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Lace up a spare set of wheels with road rims. Ricky J. When a Spicer 29er mountain cruiser became my commuter the Nanoraptors were replaced with Schwalbe Big Apple 2.

bike 29er slicks for mountain

These tires dropped two or three minutes off a typical slicks for 29er mountain bike You can feel that pulling away from stoplights, it requires more of a heave than before That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger, and a little pissed off too when I miss a few stoplights in a row!

I think it would be worth it. You could probably go down to x35 unless you have really mpuntain rims.

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Rule of thumb is the smallest tire you can run is 1. I would stay away from Big Apples or other large slicks - the difference will be too minimal to notice due to the high weight. There are lots of commuter or touring tires that will work, some are pretty cheap if you aren't sure about the idea.

I ran 35mm road tires on slicks for 29er mountain bike giant momentum bike set of wheels on my 29er. After I bought a fat bike, I stopped riding it on trails, so having it set up as a city bike made sense. Last edited by Max24; at Originally Posted by slicks for 29er mountain bike.

Why Do People Put Road tires on Mountain bikes in All Mountain, Enduro I rocked a 29er with road slicks for a long time after my knee surgery. usual dirt tires much less expensive than buying a whole other bike, and i.

Originally Posted by Thor For the cost of lacing up a second wheelset, you could probably pickup a used bike off craigslist. There are lots of inexpensive c touring tires that would meet your needs as well.

bike slicks mountain for 29er

I had good luck with 32 mm Panaracer Paselas on my Stan's Arch rims. On clist I bought giant pxc2 wheels and mounted specialized borough x32 they are slick in the middle with side knob CX tire works great.

mountain slicks bike 29er for

I'm 29re sure the width of the rim but you guys have me concerned now. I have a mountain bike used mainly for off-road.

29er slicks mountain bike for

I do use my bike to commute to work but as this is only a mile or so away from home, I have never really given much thought to the tyres. However, I am slicks for 29er mountain bike to do a charity ride next month, which is mainly road use, so thinking maybe best to change tyres for slick event.

mountain bike slicks for 29er

Maybe even go for rims and slicks I really don't want to buy another bike as I'm happy with my MTB, and it does the commute job for now. My MTB tyres are 26 x 2.

What are Bicycle Tyres?

Arms get more cushioning and comfort and slightly narrower rear tyres can also help initiate faster turning. Tyre width is relative to slicks for 29er mountain bike volume, and larger bbike provide more isolation, damping and control, up to a point. Wider, more aggressive tyres need significant support to keep tread blocks stable and use more fabric and rubber, which adds weight.

mountain 29er slicks bike for

Bigger, heavier tyres can stabilise the bike by being harder to deflect at speed, and larger air volumes offer more isolation too — especially useful to smooth out rougher terrain. Hands get extra cushioning, and slightly narrower rear tyres can also help initiate faster turning.

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Tyre width is directly relative to air volume, though, and a larger ibke volume provides more isolation, damping and control. With a faster rolling, lower profile centre strip and pronounced edge blocks for leant-over grip, semi-slick tyres can be a great UK option.

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The extra bonus of the slip-to-grip attitude of semi slicks makes them a real hoot in greasier conditions. It rolls well and we felt secure at all times.

Road slicks on a 29er?-

The only downside we found was the weight. Read the full review of the Bontrager SE5 tyres here. Read the full review of the Kenda Hellkat. Wider tires offer a plusher and smoother ride, but the additional rolling resistance results in slower speeds.

29er bike for slicks mountain

On the flipside, the wheels on a 29er are beefier and were originally designed for off-road use. The tires are designed to roll over obstacles, while making more contact with the ground.

Mountain bike tires are much thicker than a c, with widths typically falling between 1.

bike 29er mountain slicks for

A 29er is more than just challenge bicycle tires wheel size. Because of the larger wheels, the bike tends to accommodate taller riders and these frames offer greater ground vike for a rider to navigate obstacles.

The bikes also slicks for 29er mountain bike a varied geometry and will handle differently than a inch mountain bike or a c road, touring or cyclocross bike.

bike mountain for slicks 29er

News:Apr 25, - For many of us, mountain bikes are less expensive, more durable and feel safer than slick road bikes. Riders convert mountain bikes because.

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