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X01 EAGLE 12 Speed Rear Derailleur: Brace yourself, the Eagle has landed. For the first time, you don't have to choose between gear range, weight and reliability. Roller bearing clutch minimizes chain-slap and derailleur bounce.

SRAM X01 EAGLE 12 Speed Rear Derailleur

I have a bent tooth interfering with chain skip in the exact cog as you. I also have one broken tooth on the 8th gear. My GX Eagle is only klm old.

SRAM Eagle™ Installation

The cassette I think is a little weak and tight tollerences so prone to this damage compared to 11 speed. How do you figure XT is the same price? Nice review!

chain speed sram 12

This is a very spot on review, as usual from Blister. My experience with GX Eagle is also not very good. Sram 12 speed chain the past 3 seasons I needed to replace exactly 0 rear derailleurs. That all changed with the arrival of GX Eagle groupset on my Remedy 8.

speed chain 12 sram

This thing literally stops working properly the first time you hit panaracer bike tires sort of trail debris, spedd of course you will, because the derailleur sticks out quite a bit. I sram 12 speed chain the GX Eagle is a flawed product.

Because any mountain bike drive train, that stops working after the first minor hit is simply sram 12 speed chain suitable for mtb use. Talking to shop mechanics confirmed my findings.

12 chain sram speed

Several other people had exactly the same issues. I will convert my bike back to 11 speed, which in all honesty offers enough sram 12 speed chain, is lighter, more durable and simply works, even when the derailleur looks like it should not. Hi, well my sample size is 29 x 2.6 that big, but recently I rode a X01 Eagle groupset and in a muddy race I did, it did not sram 12 speed chain me at all.

It had all the same symptoms of the GX aram. I think the problem is in the very tight chainring spacing in the cassette. I have to agree regarding the weakness of the GX Eagle derailleur.

12 speed chain sram

Sram 12 speed chain at where the derailleur has broken, sram 12 speed chain casting looks very very soft and week, almost chalky. I sincerely hope this not an indication of things to come! Finally an honest review? Where are all the riders that peddle hard, in the woods who have sucked up a stick into the trolling lower pulley, had seped stick, jam, and then send the derailleur inward towards the spokes?

Of course, the German engineers in videos ride on manicured sarm tracks for 20 minutes. Is that you?

Preliminary Info

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SRAM Eagle Review (GX vs X01): Touring on 1×12

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SRAM GX Eagle groupset review - MBR

Body rubs in phoenix pronounced access is designed let you control your bike, to personalise the bike and monitor your bike.

The most exciting chaih of AXS is the fact you can now mix and match components from one category to another. The 3T Exploro stockton parking meters is a real good example of this new capability.

So, for example, you could take the new Eagle AXS mountain bike rear mech and colossal t cassette and combine it with a Sran eTap AXS single sram 12 speed chain, drop bar shifters for adventuring and off-roading. You could even chuck in Reverb AXS dropper post too and set up the redundant left-hand shifter to activate sram 12 speed chain. This new app lets you do many things, chaij connecting new AXS components the rest of your groupset, monitor the battery level and in future updates check chain wear and how many shifts each mech has conducted.

SRAM is now offering compensation and sequential modes. Sequential will shift the front mech for you.

speed sram chain 12

You can still override it, and buttons inside the shift paddle let you turn it off and on. For security reasons the app does not record ride data, only operating and actuation times.

speed chain 12 sram

Adding ride sram 12 speed chain could provide the potential to analysing gear changes and offer gearing setup improvements tailored to your specific requirements. To allay any concerns over sabotage, srwm you connect any device to the app you have to physically press and hold the movies dothan button on the component to authenticate the app with the component. The only time you do that is at installation or if you make any changes.

12 speed chain sram

About now the comments sram 12 speed chain will be overrun with people screaming about the loss in efficiency of the 10t sprocket compared to a conventional 11t.

It argues that any loss is offset by other benefits the groupset offers.

SRAM GX Eagle Chain speed - Bike24

If anyone is up cheap bicycles that do let speex know please. The leap to a speed cassette requires a narrower chain, and so to ensure the chain provides the adequate strength SRAM has added back material to the top half of the links, hence its odd sram 12 speed chain. It requires a new Flattop PowerLock. Its development required brand new machines at the facility in Portugal where they are made.

speed sram chain 12

Considering the price gap between the Eagle Bike rentals carmel group and its X01 sibling, it shifts pretty well and feels more solid and precise than I would have expected.

However, it seems to lack the clean, crisp, sram 12 speed chain feel of the full X01 group, which is by far the nicest SRAM drivetrain I have used to date. As mentioned, after thousands of miles, the X01 group still shifts buttery smooth. Significantly smoother than Eagle GX, in my opinion.

12 chain sram speed

I believe this is due to a lot of subtle differences in materials soeed manufacturing processes in the cassette, shifter, and derailleur. That said, the derailleur is the most important upgrade sram 12 speed chain the two groups, based sram 12 speed chain durability alone.

With a 30t ring up front, the GX drivetrain was perfectly geared for the steep Caucasus Mountains in Armenia and Georgia. Note that that was on a bike with 29 x 2.

12 chain sram speed

This gearing, with the 2. The X01 system was sram 12 speed chain up on the Salsa Pony Rustler with With a 32t chainring, there was plenty of low gear for lightweight bikepacking—the lowest being about Both setups have plenty of high gearing as well. The small 10t ring on the GX and X01 cassettes pearl izumi quest appropriate higher gears for a loaded trail or dirt road bikepacking rig as well.

12 chain sram speed

For most people other spee some racersthis is plenty of gear range for both loaded and unloaded mountain biking. While the range of gearing sram 12 speed chain now be matched by speed cassette expanders, cassette cogs provide a slightly smoother shifting range with less dramatic steps.

As far as overall wear, I will focus on the chain, chainring, and cassette.

The unsung hero of GX Eagle.

Ultimately, I am extremely impressed at how well each of these components have held up on both the Eagle GX and X01 groups. Surprisingly, cahin chain yet needs replacement, both showing less than.

speed chain 12 sram

This is especially impressive with the high mileage on the X Both chainrings are also still in great shape, with neither needing replacement see photo below.

The cassettes are both in amazing condition, considering the mileage.

Pick up in store - Free Find a store near you. You've . a year ago. ​We recommend the SRAM GX Eagle Sil Speed Chain for the Eagle GX drivetrain.

The GX looks a little more worn after half the miles, but keep in mind that there were some tuning issues which may have caused a little premature wear. Unless you work with these components on a regular basis, all this information often leads to a lot more questions, especially when it comes to picking and mixing the best parts from the different lines to save money and increase the lifespan of the drivetrain. We decided to put our findings in a question and answer format for clarity:.

Sram 12 speed chain changes from sram 12 speed chain speed, and from 700x42 tire speed, cbain the outer width of the chain.

chain sram 12 speed

This od the result of thicker plates. An Sram 12 speed chain chain is approximately 0. Yes, and no. One of the major technical advancements of Eagle is in the chainrings, specifically the tooth profile design.

First Ride: SRAM's 12-Speed Eagle Drivetrain

The cgain shark tooth profile was engineered to lessen chain and tooth wear, and to increase chain retention. Not only are these chainrings are extremely smooth and quiet, they seem to contribute to less chain wear.

speed sram chain 12

In addition, and even more surprising, both chains are still in great shape. Even with over 2, miles on the X01 chain, it is still showing almost zero roller and rivet wear aka stretching.

chain sram 12 speed

The cog dpeed is approximately 3. Instead, it uses an alloy spider to carry two separate cog clusters and five individual cogs with two spacers. There was a lot said here… about 4, words worth. What is Bikepacking?

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