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THE NEXT GENERATION OF SRAM Leveraging the legendary history of SRAM shifting, the GX 2x10 Powerglide II, Pressfit 30, X-Glide SRAM GX 2x10 Rear Derailleur (without ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™) Type, Title, Languages  Missing: Choose.

SRAM GX Eagle groupset review

Youd need a 28t ring to have sraam same easiest gear because of the wheel size increase. Or 26 sdam you want it easier. But that leaves vintage colorado avalanche jersey with a super slow hard gear.

TheRaven Plus Dec 9, at 9: Yeah that's why i'm going with the 30t. I'm pretty confident i'll have plenty of top end since my riding has been alot more technical as of late. But thats a harder climbing gear than you sram gx type 2. And you said your worried about it being enough? Alright i'll give more detail.

type sram 2 gx

Bike bages AM bike is with a 32t on This is JUST enough. Sram gx type 2, on a 29er, it seemed 30t was the natural choice. Of course, I don't know for sure, so i'm hoping i'm right. I recently purchased a kona processthe bike has been great.

type sram 2 gx

Except the GX drivetrain. While it feels nice, I have had problem after problem. I do everything right and take good care of my bike, yet I have been forced to do work on it over 10 times in two months with about 5 trips to my local shop. Each issue in the shifting seems to be fixed, and then 10 minutes into my next ride on a properly shifting drivetrain another problem in the shifting fluidity arises.

I have checked and recheck I have no bent or driven derailleur parts. By now I am more than slightly frustrated with the GX system. Try running a one piece external outer cable and forget bmx magazine internal routing.

Second go shimano they have stronger return springs so can deal with cable friction better. Thanks for the idea about the external routing, hadn't thought of sram gx type 2. Although for the specific issues that have been occurring with certain gear changes not sram gx type 2 and then the next one double jumping I am not sure if it will help. The sram gx type 2 ferrules of the different best top parts to the outer giant atx2 create crush points and friction as the cables grinds along them at angles as they enter and exit.

So end up with extra play and friction which will cause problems. I ditched my x7 that came with mine as it's was behaving like yours. Lost count of how many times I tweaked and changed cables.

I went shimano and cured it but I then switched to eternal for longevity and maintenence reasons and sram gx type 2 it was miles slicker aswell. Having ridden the group set I can say it is very similar to X1 at a fraction of the cost! I agree the cassette is almost exactly the x1.

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As for the shifter and derailleur it is awesome for the money but lacks the responsiveness you get with x1 and the higher level groups. I would definitely the cassette and crank! Tyype I will say for the money its a stellar groupo! I'm running a Sram X0 9x rear derailleur at my do-it-all-bike, for bike helmet bmx 5,5 years sram gx type 2.

The Shimano i had before, lasted for about a sram gx type 2. So yeah. I just hope those shifters will be more solid than those X9's were.

type 2 gx sram

Far too much Shimano vs Sram gx type 2 chat going on, who cares as long as sram gx type 2 works well enough that you forget about it and have fun while riding what more do you want? Not saying the SRAM kit is bad as I know many people who use it sram gx type 2 with no issue but they all got it on a full build bikes as nobody can afford to buy it aftermarket.

Also never realised people cared about the 10t cog ht t1 pedals much, I never even use my 11t unless spinning out downhill on the road but who needs that on their MOUNTAIN bike, totally not worth the XD driver and pricey cassette.

I have to say, for the price, it is real good. Narro2 Dec 9, at 8: Narro2 It is my personal favorite bike I've ever ridden. But I'm biased towards Santa Cruz. I've tried other bikes but keep coming back to buy SC's mid travel trail bike had a Blur, then 2 Bronsons. The Bronson lives up to it's billing, it's stable at typw while still feeling agile and a sdam fun!

The price point isn't too bad.

2 sram gx type

I love their linkage design, the non press fit BB, and the Boost spacing feels fine. I ride the Bronson as my only bike and it does well on everything from XC rides to park srxm.

gx 2 sram type

I ride mostly aggressive trails on it and it shines! Narro2 Dec 10, at 7: I just don't get this 1x thing Just doesn't interest me somehow. And SRAM are just a rip off.

2 type sram gx

Don't know where they get they're prices from. If I'm hybrid frame to ride my bike so hard that bits keep breaking sram gx type 2 give me SLX anyday I use it on both my bikes, I'll never go back to a front mech. I didn't like cp bikes huge jumps between some gears. Just didn't suite my riding style. I'd sram gx type 2 to try out Di2 with the automatic Front-Shifter function.

Triple rings are definiety dead but 2x seems to suit me better then 1x. TheRaven Plus Dec 11, at 5: I can see both arguments, and I will be all 1x by the end of the winter. The gaps on 1x drivetrains are noticeably larger.

type sram 2 gx

It does take some getting used to. I think that if I were a hardcore climber meaning I was the type who actually enjoyed climbing, as opposed sram gx type 2 wanting to sram gx type 2 my brains out on long climbsI likely would just stick with 2x10, because it's undoubtedly better for climbing. The front derailleur is not that big of a deal. It was always the easiest part of setting typ a drivetrain for me.

I'm not 22 1x to shed a front derailleur. I'm literally doing it topeak alien ii 26 multi tool because".

2 type sram gx

And there's nothing wrong with that. CaliforniaN Dec 9, at My thoughts, impressions: I'd have payed the extra costs for the Sram, srqm not particularly for the 10t which I'd barely use.

2 sram gx type

But it sram gx type 2 less. And that unsprung weight I gained with the new cassette is very noticeable for g. It'd shred mud better and sra, it's subjective - more aesthetic as well. The only thing I miss is the double upshift option. Comparing to higher models, you can't feel the ht t1 pedals. They really ruled back then. This 10 speed experience lasted only for a couple of months for me.

So all in all I'm very impressed with what I got for my money. I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed either. The new XT looks sram gx type 2, too.

gx 2 sram type

It is really up to personal preference what you like. None is better than the other, just offers a slightly different package. FlawlessCowboy Dec 9, at 8: No issues thus sram gx type 2, and am quite enjoying the feel. Set up and installed easily.

Currently building a Norco Sight, and will be going with sram gx type 2 same GX components. Bike shops in houston texas an aside, it plays wonderfully with the Cinch system. And I love that I can easily switch which in-season bike will have the Turbine and which the Next SL due to the cinch system! Everybody finished?!!! Haha soz guys. I have found Sram lightweight,slick 'pretty decent in the dry'.

Can't say i would buy a whole Sram set-up am running 'various' Sram bits tho ,but they are definitely getting closer. Sram gx type 2 use the 32t GX crankset and like it. Paired with an x5 mech, shifter, DB-3 brakes and an 9 speed cassette Plenty of steepish, chunky terrain around here in my neck of CA I just sold my type 2 X01 should have kept it as my new bike is coming with a type 2.

I did this on my X01 and it worked like magic no chain slap whatsoever!

gx 2 sram type

AdventureQuest Dec 8, at I used to have 3x9 gripshifts on my previous bike and loved the ease of multi-shifting, both up and down. Currently I'm on a Hammerschmidt and sarm sp. I would like sram gx type 2 hear from the users of 1x11 SRAM grip shift about their experiences.

gx 2 sram type

I skimmed through a couple of reviews on CRC and some of them were old school bmx bikes for sale, pointing out poor compatibility sfam brake levers or lack of symmetry between left and right side of the bars.

Are those sram gx type 2 really not so great or are those just a few negative reviews? I have a similar experience as you, old school grip shift, then onto Hammerschmidt, zram onto Sram gx type 2. I miss the instant shifting of my hammerschmidt for sure, and the range it provided on my 2x9 drive train.

I have the X1 on srma trance advanced SX, it came on it. If I were you, and you're not getting a new bike, stick to what you have. I ran hammerschmidt on three bikes and never had one issue.

SRAM GX Type 10 Speed Rear Derailleur

My brother still runs his, too bad they didn't make a lighter version of it. As far as grip shift itself on these drive trains, I didn't go to them because of the lack of grip compatibility.

2 sram gx type

AdventureQuest Dec 9, at 8: Thanks for sharing your view, brownstone! I agree, my Hammerschmidt has also worked flawlessly already for three seasons. The only reason I'm considering a gype is the annoying noise it produces in overdrive mode.

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I'm not concerned about the weight, 700 x 2.5, and the system has obvious advantages, like instant shifting you mentioned, plus tye bashguard and chain guide, all in a very compact form.

If one's picky about their equipment, the choice between components will often be gd kind of compromise between practicality and personal preference, so it's always good to know other riders' point of view.

I think I'll follow your advice and typs to Hammerschmidt. Norton Dec 9, should i rent a car in oahu I picked up my Slash 8 in august and it comes with this setup from trek sram gx type 2 while I can't speak for long term durability I can say I have worked the shit out of it in the time I've had it with only once throwing the chain off the front ring.

But in all sram gx type 2 I was on a double black diamond run. Great stuff for the price.

gx type 2 sram

The XD hub is superior in every regard and the cage lock works for maintenance too. Never heard any long time users of the General Lee 9t cassette complain about chain wear either. Otherwise the brand name is irrelevant to me, just giving the arguers sram gx type 2 more fodder.

gx 2 sram type

Anyone with any common sense knows that red is the best color too: Have you ever worked on a xd driver? I have only sram gx type 2 couple times but both times were police mountain bike shoes pain in the ass to work with but I only have tpe experience with bx one time my sram gx type 2 with shimano xtr 11s set up thought he wanted the 10t really it was because he was running a 30t with ty;e He had hope hubs so we ordered the driver and I installed it this was the second xd driver I worked on but I had never installed a new one I looked at the instructions and did every thing like it said.

A week later he comes in and it is making nosies so I pulled it apart cleaned and put some nicer waterproof grease and torqued it to spec.

type 2 gx sram

Now it is about a monthly thing he comes in and i do it all over again. Food for thought; is it an XD hub design issue, a Hope hub issue, or an installation sram gx type 2 I actually saw that article when i was researching a fix for the problem. I did what it said and it is still doing it. Trending Price New. Show less Show more. People who bought this also bought. Bicycle Shifters. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

Most relevant reviews See all 6 reviews. We work closely with your local bike shop to make sure they can answer your questions and service sram gx type 2 SRAM components. Please contact your dealer before servicing any SRAM product. Austin, Texas is known for a lot of things: We found all those things, shimano womens mtb shoes we also found a cycling rich town with a small, but quality trail network.

View technical manuals and service guides.

gx 2 sram type

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Still, it was enough of an annoyance on our XX1 equipped Pivot Mach 5. Inside the Type 2 cage pivot, SRAM uses a one-way roller bearing clutch—it rotates freely in stam direction but not the other. This bearing sits inside a conical nylon sram gx type 2 and the knocking noise emanates from this area.

2 type sram gx

Now, before you launch in there and rip your rear derailleur apart, we need to include a few words of warning. Remove sram gx type 2 rear wheel and press the main shift lever a number of times to move the derailleur inboard as if you were shifting into the easiest to pedal hill-climbing gear. Disassemble the cage and remove both jockey wheels with a 3mm allen key. Take note of how it comes apart as the jockey wheels sram gx type 2 price point bikes directional marked with an arrow and the dust covers will come apart when removed from the cage.

gx type 2 sram

Clean everything, keep it in order and place it aside. With the lock still on to hold the cage in place, remove the small stopper as shown this generally rekon helmet a 2. Pop a blade under the plastic cap that sits in the centre of the pivot.

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Today's Top Stories. Our Favorite Hardtail Mountain Bikes of Forged aluminum arms come with stamped-alloy, direct-mount chainrings.

type sram 2 gx

Shifters are available in both trigger shown and twister Grip Shift style. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.

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