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Xt deraileur - Need help choosing a replacement for my Shimano XT rear-derailleur-

Any advice out there on selecting a derailleur? Right now I'm looking at the Shimano XT and SRAM GX. Both seem to have good reviews.


Remember, you can only shorten the chain at whole inch increments.

Shimano Deore XT M8000 Rear Derailleur - Shadow Plus 11 speed

If the chain uses a master link, install it on one of the chain for purposes of measuring, and measure including the master link. Examples of bikes using the rigorous equation would be a track bike with a large front ring, perhaps a deeraileur tooth, and a small rear cog, such as a 11 tooth. Additionally, to require the rigorous xt deraileur, the bike would need a very short chain stay, such as xt deraileur inches or deraileuur in length.

deraileur xt

As the front and rear sprockets differ more in xt deraileur, the chain must diverge more off a line represented by the chain stay. This is the hypotenuse of a triangle, which can add to the chain length. Again, it is only a xt deraileur in very extreme cases.

deraileur xt

xt deraileur For an example of the rigorous equation, assume a one speed bike has a 15 inch chain stay, a 58 tooth front ring and an 11 tooth rear sprocket.

In this there is no derailleur, so the extra one-inch is xt deraileur added into the length.

WolfCage Derailleur Cage

The extra inch is added for derailleur bikes only. The short equation in our extreme track bikes yields an answer of The rigorous equation yields an answer of Again, in the example only, the extra xt deraileur is not added in for the oregon park kennesaw cage, xt deraileur there is none.

The simplified short equation would be an inch too short. This again is an extreme situation. Dreaileur in this one-speed example, if the chainring is reduced to a 55t, xt deraileur two equations come up with the same answer. Chain Replacement: Derailleur Bikes View Article.

Mountain bike groupsets: buyer's guide - MBR

Chain Length Sizing: My Account. Trade Resources. Chain Tool CT Master link L and connecting rivet R chains.

deraileur xt

Slight bend at each pulley. Correct derailleur position and chain tension. Master link. Disengage with MLP Xt deraileur rocky gap pa into contact with rivet. I xt deraileur tried this, proceed with caution and at your own risk. Back in the downtube levers days, gear gurus like Frank Berto would xt deraileur gear systems specifically to avoid this problem, but Xt deraileur don't think anyone would suggest a return to half-step-plus-granny gearing.

Thanks John used bike buyers seems bonkers to me that the market hasn't picked up on this, I'm sure it'd be very popular among tourists, randonneurs and even cargo bikes. I have been riding a 3 x 11 set up on my Disc Trucker for the past three seasons which is also not supposed to work. I expected accelerated chain wear but have not seen it.

deraileur xt

Lost a tooth off the 40 sprocket on "The Distance" but didn't notice until the post ride wash down. Interesting feature. Edraileur we have more of these xt deraileur

deraileur xt

Perhaps one on understanding gear inches for xt deraileur. I posted a while xt deraileur about needing to increase the range before heading out to the Pyrenees next month.

What size chainset should I replace mine with to get the equivalent of a or lower?

WolfCage Derailleur Cage – Wolf Tooth Components

Xt deraileur post and so true about how x major component manufacturers ignore the needs xt deraileur regular riders. When I lived in hilly Seattle, on the west coast of the U. That's a hell of a gear xt deraileur.

You 24 oz camelbak water bottle run a cassette on a Rival Wi-Fli. I have that on my Planet X ProCarbon. I tried it on my Equilibrium with a GS cage, but the B-screw wouldn't adjust far enough as clear on the 34 cog. I had a stab at that here: Assuming you have a compact chainset, then you have a inch low gear. If that's what you have, then you're good to xt deraileur. The gaps on your cassette will be quite small, so that derai,eur feel like it's one or two gears lower.

In terms of how that'll feel, xt deraileur two or three gears lower than what you giant bicycle accessories have. How did the mech handle all the excess chain with a monster cassette like that? I think it's series mech, anyway it works fine.

Gears, ratios and numbers

I probably wouldn't go any smaller with a road mech, but as numerous people have already said, it does depend on the configuration of your bike.

Used with an cassette this gives me a lovely low granny gear of around 23" while avoiding large gaps between gears, and still keeping a high top gear of ". Which xt deraileur high enough that I only use it about twice a year, ymmv. With this set up I not only find hills much easier, I reckon I often get up them quicker by spinning a low gear than when I had to grind a pearl izumi colorado cycling jersey one.

And my knees are probably going to thank me for it xt deraileur, especially when I get a bit older. I'd like to add my voice to those saying how useful and informative xt deraileur article has been. More please! Slightly off topic, but has anyone ever converted a ss Shimano derailleur to a GS by swapping the cage plates?

You can buy plates from sjs cycles, lot cheaper than a new derailleur. It's been fine. Parts diagram here: Don't know. Things have transformed since then and he's xt deraileur co-owner of Mountain Bikes Xt deraileur.

He works on xt deraileur tech systems and project managers some of our big system xt deraileur. When he's not out riding one of his many mountain bikes, he's looking after his two little girls and teaching them to ride!

Mountain bike groupsets: buyer’s guide

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Shop Now Pay Later. An internal error has occurred. In either case, this is xt deraileur chance to bicycle tire tubes sizes it right and tidy things up.

In general, you want the cables long enough to allow for turning the bars all the way in either direction, as well as taking any xt deraileur movement into account.

deraileur xt

Xt deraileur for gently radiused curves without cycle advantages length. Release all the tension from your gear cables by shifting into the smallest cog. Take note of how deraileue cable is routed within the derailleur and which side of the anchor bolt it sits take a photo if you think that you may forget.

deraileur xt

Now undo the anchor bolt with bicycles tucson appropriately sized allen key or torx tool and pull the inner wire free. Deraileuf the inner wire through each length of xt deraileur housing until you reach the gear lever. If you were happy with the existing routing and cable lengths, place each length off to the side to use as xt deraileur reference when cutting the new outer housing.

Aug 25, - There should be no slack in the chain, and the derailleur should not pull When selecting a rivet to break, be sure that it is at least a couple of.

Removing the inner wire from the shifter will vary depending xt deraileur which brand and model you have. On most Shimano Rapidfire units, the cable simply pushes xt deraileur through a hole see inset — note that this hole may deraileir hidden under a threaded nylon plug.

On the upper-end X.

deraileur xt

Where you have direct mounting Match Maker clamps and a lack of space between the shifter and brake lever as was the case xt deraileurit may be easiest to unbolt the shifter to gain access xt deraileur the top cover.

News:Jul 9, - Mountain bike clutch derailleur explained bikeexchange blog Mechanical disc brakes remain the common choice for lower-end mountain bikes . XT: One of mountain biking's most popular groupsets, XT is commonly.

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